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  • LA 16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch for BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor
  • LA 16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch for BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor

LA 16.0172Y 2B 180 Electromagnetic Clutch for BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor

  • Model: • LA 16.0172Y
  • Rated Voltage: • 12V/24V
  • Static friction torque: • ≥400N.m
  • Consumed Power: • ≤60W
  • Max speed: • 4000r.p.m
  • Application comp: • BITZER 4N/BOCK FK40

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Description of LA16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch
16.0172 Electromagnetic Clutch is our main product, with beautiful appearance and reliable quality, it has been saled to many countries, it is a kind of power transmission device, which is used to connect engine and Bock / Bitzer, used for driving bus air conditioning compressor's operation.
Broad Application of LA16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch
If your bus air conditioning’s compressor is BOCK FKX40 series or Bitzer 4N/4P series compressor, you can use our electromagnetic clutch model 16.0172, it is specially designed for them. Also, we can recommed our electromagnetic clutch model 16.02Y 2B 193, 16.021Y 2B 173 to you.
Key Parts of LA16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch
16.0172 Electromagnetic Clutch is made up of pulley、coil and hub.
Significant Advantages of LA16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch
This Electromagnetic Clutch is very easy to use.
It is very durable.
Our products comply with ISO900.
Beautiful appearance.

Pictures of LA16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch Attchached

16.0172 Electromagnetic Clutch for BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor16.0172 Electromagnetic Clutch for BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor
Operation Tips of LA16.0172Y Electromagnetic Clutch (Air Gap has Deviation)
The clutch air gap is belt wheel and cupula's interval when clutch is not working. Air gap is very important. If the gap was too small, clutch drag phenomenon may occur when adhesive disc breaks away, while interval is too big, belt wheel and adhesive disc's actuation may not be too tight, clutch is easy to skid. So no matter the air gap is too large or too small, both can make belt wheel and adhesive disc cause frictional. Cause the clutch not work properly. At present, most buses' air conditioning electromagnetic clutch's air gap is between 0.3mm-0.6mm. With clutch suction surface's service wear, pulley and driven disc's axial trace slip、clutch side jump、bearing relaxed and other reasons, air gap may deviate from the standard range gradually. When make maintenance for the clutch, circle along the circular air clearance with a feeler sweep. If found observed value is not in the reference ranges, must increase or decrease the gasket and adjust interval clearance to be qualified. 
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Model Number LA16.0172Y
Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Static friction torque ≥400N.m
Consumed Power ≤60W
Max speed 4000r.p.m
Application comp. BITZER 4N/BOCK FK40
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