Yutong buses run 1 million km in Cuba


Recently, the award ceremony of “Yutong buses run 1 million km in Cuba” jointly organized by Yutong Company and Cuban National Passengers Transportation Company (CNPTC) was held in Havana of Cuba to commend the outstanding contribution of CNPTC and their drivers. Raúl Perez, Cuban first deputy Minister of Transport, Roberto Ricardo Marrero, president of CNPTC, Zhang Tuo, Chinese ambassador to Cuba, and Hu Fengju, president of Yutong International Business Dept., were present at the event. 

Hu introduced the Yutong’s current status and its future development direction to the honored guests during the ceremony. He pointed out that the cooperation between Yutong and Cuba started from March of 2005 with the export of the first batch of 12 Yutong buses. After seven years of operation, there have been seven buses which mileages reached one million km respectively and are still in good condition. It shows that Yutong products can withstand the test of time, and the CNPTC and its drivers have also made great efforts on the maintenance of Yutong buses.
It is learned from Roberto Ricardo Marrero, the CNPTC has used products from different countries since its inception, only the vehicles of three brands including Yutong have been running over one million km respectively, among which the vehicles of a famous German brand took ten years to reach the figure while Yutong only seven years. Amid the interview of journalists, Marrero expressed his trust in Yutong products: “We trust in China, since China has proved it. This kind of trust does not base on the words but rather the facts. Chinese products give us the confidence. For us, they are Yutong buses, we are confident of Yutong.” 
The good operational situation of Yutong buses not only showcased the durability of the products to Cuban people, but also won their recognition through the excellent after sales service and stable spare parts channel. Minister Perez also praised Yutong’s sound technical support and good accessibility of spare parts in his speech.

Zhang Tuo also extended his blessing to Yutong, hoping Yutong buses could create higher operational records in the Cuban market. “I think Yutong precisely reflected the scientific concept of development in this issue. The change of the growth mode relies on the advancement of technology, which would boost the economy and maintain the sustainable growth. The quality is superior to the speed. I feel Yutong buses have had a good performance in this regard and won honors for Chinese products,”said Zhang.
It is learned the CNPTC has purchased 4,000 vehicles from Yutong since 2005, including city buses, long distance passenger transportation coaches, labor buses, school buses, tourism coaches and so on. Among the first batch, there are ten units of buses which mileages have exceeded one million km respectively. According to the technical assessment made by the CNPTC, the mileages of twenty buses are expected to reach one million km respectively by the second quarter of 2013.

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