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Description of Airpro3000 Bus Air Conditioner

With the development of technology and our efforts, Guchen designed and developed a new electric air conditioners--New Airpro3000, with small size, light weight and high efficient.
Airpro3000 adopt a electric scroll compressor to drive the units. Before we need increased transformer to transfer the voltage of 12V, but now we have 12V and 24V electric scroll compressor, it will be more convenient and reduce the fault rate.
In September of 2016, our engineer put into production, and repeatedly test them in our lab. Then change the little problem and make new Airpro3000 become perfect.
With the requirement of convenient and low power consumption from truck driver, we design the remote control. In the remote control, we design three grade for electric air conditioners, Auto, ECO and strong grade. Especially ECO function, many customers are interested in it.

airpro3000 bus air conditioner april-3000-bus-air-conditioner

Outstanding Features of New Airpro3000 Bus Air Conditioner
Adjustable cooling capacity; 
Use environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant;
Remote control, combined with manual;
Optional electric heating function; adjustable heating power;
One-piece unit; rooftop mounted or back wall mounted;
Full aluminum heat exchanger, high efficiency and light weight;
Compressor: driven by brush-less DC motor, with adjustable rotate speed;
Brush-less evaporator blower and condenser fan, long lifetime, lower power consumption;
Special for Ford, Renault, IVECO etc vans; RV, tractor, construction machinery and truck cabs etc.


Your Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Air Conditioning
The cooling capacity is up to 3000W (10236BTU), It is a rooftop mounted or back mounted truck cooling system.
Battery power monitor: new Airpro3000 using low voltage protector for control panel and compressor, to avoid discharging the battery below its required voltage. 
Easy to install, this DC powered air conditioning for new Airpro3000 are fully self contained, just connect the wires to a full battery, it start cooling.
Auto, ECO and strong model, to ensure air conditioner to work in different ambient temperature.
Prefilled with R134a refrigeration which meets all ozone layer protection requirements.
No engine noise and low power consumption, resting periods allows truck at idle to keep the driver cab in a comfortable cool climate during the hot summer, ensuring driver have a good rest.

airpro3000-bus-air-condtioner april-3000-bus-air-conditioner

New Airpro3000 Truck Air Conditioning Manufacturer
As truck air conditioner manufacturer in China, Guchen industry will provide high quality New Airpro3000 truck air conditioner for you. It will bring a cool summer and good rest for all drivers in hot summer. welcome to inquire truck air conditioning price.




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