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Automotive Air Conditioning System Using Techniques And Tips

Using Techniques and Tips of Automotive Air Conditioning System
Automotive air conditioning system is to achieve inside air cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification devices. It can provide the passenger a comfortable driving environment, reducing operator fatigue and improve traffic safety. Humane fully independent duat cockpit temperatures, easy l-zone climate control, independent control of the cockpit and co-piloto create good weather, so wonderful coexistence of two seasons.
How to make air-conditioner fast defrosting defogging:
In the rain, or the car inside and outside temperature difference, or more passengers in the car, or high humidity inside the vehicle, or prolonged use of car air circulation, or all windows closed and other conditions may cause the front and rear windshields and car window fogging, this is a normal physical phenomenon.

    automotive air conditioning
Automatic climate of rapid defrost defog:
Press the air conditioning panel orange MAX demisting button, then the vehicle is automatically set to air the outer loop, then you can not select recirculated-air mode, wind speed and temperature are automatically controlled and can not be manually adjusted, wind speed will be set at speed and temperature in HI position. Then rear window heating function automatically turns on (if the vehicle is equipped with a heating function before the file, before the file will open simultaneously heating), after some time. After demisting completed, the temperature can be adjusted as needed, air flow, air distribution mode or turn off air conditioning.
Manual air-conditioning Quick Defrost defogging:
* Rotate the mode dial to the windscreen demisting hair wind position;
* Select a vehicle outside loop (inner loop light off);
* Speed setting 4 speed (wind speed, the higher the faster demisting);
* Temperature rotary knob to red area lowest position;
* When defrosting is completed defogging can be adjusted as needed temperature, wind speed, air distribution mode and manually turn on or turn off air conditioning.

automotive air conditioning

Appropriate open the windows to speed up defogging defrosting speed. If necessary, press the button after heated windshield, rear windshield will quickly eliminate the frost and fog; in order to speed up demisting side windows, turn off the central outlet, so that both sides of the outlet air guide side windows; if the vehicle is equipped with heating formula rearview mirrors will simultaneously start defrost demisting function.
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