Zhengzhou Guchen Factory Tour

Heat Exchange Coil Workshop    
The coil workshop takes up more than 5,000 square meters, owns the most advanced high speed automatic coil punch line, the automatic tube bending and cutting line, the vertical tube expanding line, decreasing oven etc. The company owns the technology leading process equipment, the wave fins and the decreasing oven are firstly introduced into this field among domestic manufacturer. With advanced brazing process, which increased the product performance greatly, GUCHEN has made the vehicle air conditioning coils manufacturing to the leading position.


                   van air conditioner 
General Assembly Workshop    
The general assembly workshop covers a production area of more than 26,000 square meters as well. At present, we have 40 technical staff, 5 QC., 10 production managers, more than 200 skilled workers, 4 automatic generally assembly line, with annually products output capability of more than 50,000 sets of various AC and 4,000 units or so refrigeration systems.Workshop managers executes 6S site management rules. Dust-proof environment is near the request of the electronic appliance. The company also use aero environmental protection process, to make sure the product precision and consistency of the quality.

                     5.	truck refrigeration units

National-level Auto Air Conditioner Testing Lab    
GUCHEN INDUSTRY invest more than 20 million RMB in the new modern air conditioning test center, with construction size more than 1200 square meters. The test center has been certificated by the authorized organization of the national refrigeration test center, besides, GUCEHN also has the international acceptable air conditioning test capability. The test center dominates the commercial vehicle ac, passenger car ac and refrigeration systems test room as well the electric test lab, system test lab, vibration laboratory, environmental simulation test lab, composting data treatment center etc. mult-specialist agencies. By implementing different test, vibration performance test, salt spray test, electromagnetism test, atmospheric environment simulation etc., we can fully test, check, optimize and verify the performance of the air conditioning.