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LA16.098Y 2B203 electromagnetic clutch

LA16.098Y 2B203 Electromagnetic Clutch for BOCK FKX40 Series/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor

LA16.098Y 2B203
Rated Voltage:
Static friction torque:
Consumed Power:
Max speed:
Application compressor:

Description of LA16.098Y 2B203 Electromagnetic Clutch

Bus air conditioning electromagnetic clutch is a power transmit device, which is used to connect  engine and air conditioning compressor, generally speaking, it is made up of pulley、coil、hub these three parts. LA16.098Y 2B203 electromagnetic clutch are our hot sale products, which has been exported to middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc and enjoy a good reputation. 
Wide Using Scope of LA16.098Y 2B203 Electromagnetic Clutch
LA16.098Y 2B203 electromagnetic clutch is designed for BOCK FKX40 series and Bitzer 4N/4P bus air conditioning compressor. If your bus air conditioning compressor is BOCK FKX40 and Bitzer 4N/4P series, LA16.098Y 2B203 electromagnetic clutch is your best choice, we can also recommend 16.0141 10PK 180, 16.02Y 2B 193, 16.021Y 2B 173, 16.098Y 2B 203 to you.

Significant Advantages of LA16.098Y 2B203 Electromagnetic Clutch

High quality and at competitive price.
Professional technical and high efficiency management team.
100% Brand new. Short lead time.

Technical Data of LA16.098Y 2B203 Clutch

Model Number LA16.098Y 2B203
Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Static friction torque ≥400N.m
Consumed Power ≤60W
Max speed 4000r.p.m
Application comp. BITZER 4N/BOCK FK40

LA16.098Y 2B203 Electromagnetic Clutch

1. Check whether the clutch bearing part has leakage.
2. Check if there is oil on the platen.
3. Check electromagnetic clutch bearing's noises.
a.start the engine.
b. When air conditioning is closed, the compressor parts doesn't have obvious noise. If there are abnormal noise, change the electromagnetic clutch.
4.Check electromagnetic clutch's actuation movement.
5.Check if pressure plate has noise.
When air conditioning is opened, check if teeth plate have any abnormal metal noise, if there was abnormal noise, change electromagnetic clutch.
Why Guchen Industry?
● We can supply electromagnetic clutch for BOCK, BITZER, UNICLA compressor. In addition to electromagnetic clutch, we also provide van refrigeration unit, rooftop mount air conditioner, bus air conditioner, container truck refrigeration unit, ect.
● We have large scale factory, advanced technical support, professional after-sales service team, under fierce market competition, continuously introduced advanced technology, at the same time, ensure the quality of products to provide a good shopping experience for customers, products sell well in southeast Asia, European, ect countries around the world. 
● Looking forward to cooperating with you.
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