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Battery Thermal Management|Essential for New Energy Trucks

Jun 17, 2024
The performance of new energy trucks is closely related to battery temperature. In extremely hot or cold conditions, the battery can be severely damaged, reducing its efficiency and greatly shortening its service life. Maintaining an appropriate temperature range is essential to ensure the stable performance of pure electric trucks.

GuChen Industrial specializes in designing battery thermal management products to suit challenging environments such as heavy-duty trucks, mining trucks and other vehicles operating in harsh conditions. In addition, they have developed differentiated products based on the unique needs of mountain road conditions to ensure reliable performance.

Understanding battery thermal management systems
A battery thermal management (BTM) is a sophisticated electronic control system that monitors and manages rechargeable batteries to ensure safe and efficient operation. It includes an advanced control unit that continuously tracks key parameters of the battery pack, such as voltage and temperature. Sophisticated control algorithms precisely capture and process these critical data points.
The battery thermal management system is particularly critical. Its main purpose is to control the battery temperature within the optimal range to ensure optimal performanceThe system adapts quickly to changes in ambient temperature, mitigating any adverse effects on battery performance. In addition, the BMS precisely controls temperature variations within the battery pack to prevent the formation of local hotspots. This design ensures stable operation of the battery pack and significantly improves overall performance, making battery management safer and more efficient.

Integrated battery thermal management Product composition
Depending on the installation location, the integrated thermal management system consists of five functional modules
Compressor module: Comprises compressor, gas-liquid separator, expansion valve, battery plate exchanger and high and low voltage controller.
Cooling module: Comprises condenser, motor radiator and cooling fan.
HVAC air conditioning box: Comprises the blower, evaporator core and heating core.
Piping module: Comprises the media and hot and cold water pipes.
Control panel module: monitors and regulates the system.

Advantages of the integrated battery thermal management

Efficient refrigerant regulation: The electronic expansion valve regulates the refrigerant flow and allows the two systems to be operated independently or in combination. This adaptability allows unnecessary expansion valves/solenoid valves on the non-refrigerated side to be switched off.
Improved cooling logic: The integration of temperature and pressure sensors behind the evaporator synchronizes the cooling logic with the battery's water temperature control scheme. This setup ensures uniform cooling distribution and avoids temperature fluctuations in the passenger compartment and battery, thereby improving comfort and temperature control.
Energy efficiency: PID control technology precisely regulates the speed of the compressor and condenser fan, saving energy.
Reduced weight and cost: Compared to a separate battery thermal management system, the integrated system reduces weight and cost while meeting performance requirements.
Enhanced reliability and safety: The system includes multiple protections for temperature, pressure, current and voltage, which can identify potential operating risks in advance, improving reliability and safety.
Advanced communication and diagnostic functions: Through the CAN communication network, the device can upload operating data in real time. It supports remote fault diagnosis and processing, making it easy to efficiently detect operating status and troubleshoot.

Battery Thermal Management – for heavy and light trucks

GUCHEN Battery thermal management systems are suitable for heavy and light trucks.
TBTM-15 Battery Management System for Heavy Truck

  TBTM-4 Battery Thermal Management System for Ligth Truck
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