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Electric Refrigeration Unit for Refrigerated Cargo Van Export to Australia

Jun 06, 2016
May, 2016, our client Mr. Luke from Australia has received his 10 sets of electric cargo van refrigeration units. After running one month, the units have been well received by Mr. Luke.  

12v electric van refrigeration units installation of refrigerated cargo vansPurchase: 10 sets of electric cargo van refrigeration units

Model: TR-110D 12V van refrigeration units

Installation: Roof mounted electric van refrigeration units

Cargo van box size: 1.8*1.8*1.1m, 4 m³

Requirement temperature: 0~20℃

Transporting products: flowers, vegetables and fruit


Feedback from Mr. Luke —— Very Good Performance for the Electric Cargo Van Reefer Units

roof mounted electric van refrigeration units

PHOTO: roof mounted electric van refrigeration units 

Guchen's DC powered cargo van refrigeration unit TR110D is battery driven and rooftop mounted units, with 12V voltage and 24V voltage for customers to choose, very satisfy our clients’ demands.

Mr. Luke said that with 1100W cooling capacity at 0℃, the temperature ranges from -5℃ to +25℃, nicely meet his requirement for 0~20℃ to transport flowers, vegetables and fruits. Usually, when transporting products, he set the temperature 7℃ for vegetables and fruits. The temperature can quickly reduce to keep my products fresh.

What’s more, with the optional AC switch, the electric van reefer units can connect AC 22V or AC380V alternation current, so at night, the engine stops, but the refrigerating continues. So convenient for me!

Electric van refrigeration unit AC switch

PHOTO:Electric van refrigeration unit AC switch

He also feedback that, because my cargo van has no space to install reefer units compressor, so Guchen’s electric refrigeration units are the best choice for me to make my refrigerated cargo vans working better.

Tips: Why Guchen TR110D Electric Refrigeration Unit is the Best Choice for Cargo Van?

For most small van, there are no spaces to install compressor, so electric refrigeration unit will be the best choice. That is because the compressor is in the condenser, so cargo van drivers don’t need to consider whether there is a space for installing in compressor.
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