Ecuador PFD-VII bus and coach air conditioner


Purchase bus air conditioner Equipment: PFD-VII Bus Air Conditioner
This bus and coach air conditioners were exported to Ecuador in January,2013,coach air conditioner for sale with high quality and field installed coach air conditioning

Model: PFD-VII Rooftop mounted Unit

Cooling Capacity: 37.2 KW / 32,000 Kcal/h / 127,000 BTU

PFD-VII Rooftop mounted Unit bus and coach air conditioners were exported to Ecuador in January, 2013, these bus air conditioners are mainly used for coach and now these coach air conditionere enjoys reliable colling performace and attract a larger number of passengers, also make great profit for our customer.

Customer Testimonials:

I originally wanted to buy coach air conditioner equipment from Canada, but i found its price is much more expensive, which significantly beyond the budget cost, at the same time, the cost return time is too long, so I looked at Chinese bus air conditioner market and hoping to purchase the right bus air conditioner whatever in term of price and product quality, and I seek out Zhengzhou Guchen Industry Co.,Ltd. The quality and coach air conditioner configuration of Zhengzhou Guchen coach air conditioner supplier are all impressive, especially, the spare parts of coach air conditioner are adopt original Germany imported equipment, and the product price is very affordable, coach air conditioner equipment comes from Zhengzhou Guchen bus air conditioner factory with professional production of bus air conditioner equipment, positioning the advantage of foreign markets, which have a very good reputation in foreign countries. So I am very fortunate to find such a professional bus and coach air conditioner manufacturers


Coach & Bus Air Conditioner Packaging & Shipping

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Bus & Coach Air Conditioner On-site Installation and Debugging

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