Bock FK 40 655K Compressor Expected to Western Europe


Purchase Product: Bock FK 40 vehicle compressor for City Bus Air Conditioning
Model: Bock FK 40 655K Compressor for Bus Air Conditioner
Swept Volume: 650 cm3
Application: 12 m city bus air conditioning

Bock FK 40 655K compressor for city bus air conditioning were exported to Western Europe in November, 2010, these bus air conditioner compressors are mainly used for city bus air conditioning and now these bock 40 / 655 k compressor enjoys reliable cooling performance and attract a larger number of passengers

Customer Testimonials for Bock FK 40 655K Compressor
Set up a business relationship with Zhengzhou Guchen Industry co,. Ltd., because we purchase Bock FK 40 470 compressor for 10 m bus air conditioner in here, the quality of the bock compressor is superior high and original imported. As well as the specialized and intimate service business philosophy. This is my second purchase Bock FK 40 series compressor, also the second time I choose Zhengzhou Guchen Industry.

Bock FK 40 655K Compressor Packaging & Shipping

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