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12 GC-EVS34C Electric AC Compressor Shipped Abroad

Mar 14, 2022
GC-EVS34C electric compressor for sale

On 14th, Mar., 2022, Guchen Industry exported 12 sets of 34cc electric bus ac compressor units (GC-EVS34C) to the overseas customer.
Our client is working on efficient cooling solutions for the newly-designed bus lines, which requires the provided e-compressors should be with trusted components and proven efficiency.
34cc electric bus ac compressor

The high efficiency GC-EVS34C electric compressor can be adapted to high voltage DC400V-DC750V buses. It can perfectly meet the client’s specific needs - excellent reliability, strong cooling performance and large displacement. Guchen GC-EVS34C model has been put into production for more than 15 years, and its overall performance has been well tested by numerous electric bus air conditioning systems.

As a reliable e-bus air conditioner manufacturer in the world, Guchen Industry has sufficient production capacity while enable us to support our customers with large sum orders.
GC-EVS34C electric bus ac compressor
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