All-electric Bus Air Conditioner ES-04 Exported to Poland


Guchen export a number of ES-04 all-electric bus HVAC to Poland in 2014,mainly in order to match with their URSUS electric bus, which driven by battery pack.

After one year later, our customer feedback this ES-04 all-electric bus air conditioning running smoothly, high performance, no noise, use his word: "silent blower and compressor".

Purchase product: ES-04 all-electric bus HVAC ( with Heat Pump )

Application: URSUS Electric Buses

Destination Country: Poland

Delivery Time: 2014 year

  All-electric Bus Air Conditioner EZDR-04 Exported to Poland    All-electric Bus Air Conditioner EZDR-04 Exported to Poland

Customer Feedback and Estimation in September, 2015


The all-electric bus air conditioner ES-04 was installed on the URSUS e-bus (electric bus) autumn of last year ( 2014 ). Bus exploited since the beginning of last year. This means that it has been operated in winter and summer. Winter this year was mild (temperatures fluctuated around 0 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, air conditioner working as a heat pump maintained inside temperature at 18 Celsius degrees.

This summer in Poland is very hot ( In 2015 years ). Temperatures regularly exceed 35 degrees Celsius. The ES-04 air conditioner works very well. There has been no failure. Notes silent compressor and blower


Highlight of Guchen All-electric Bus HVAC

The weigh of the 12 m all-electric bus air conditioner just have 245 kg, compare with the generally 400 kg bus ac, directly reduces the weight by more than 40%, run longer distances, solve the problem of the last kilometer.

All-electric Bus Air Conditioner EZDR-04 Exported to Poland       


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