Electric AC Compressor for sale: 10 Units for Guchen Overseas Customer


electric air conditioning compressors 10 units

On 13th, July, 2021, ten electric bus air conditioning compressor units were well-packaged by Guchen Team, and shipped to overseas customer for their newly launched electric bus project. The first 10-units order is for testing to see how well GC-EVS24C model will fit to their electrified vehicles. With large cooling capacity and stable operation, Guchen electric AC compressors help improve the commerciality of electric vehicles.

10 units Guchen electric compressors

Details about the electric compressor order

Model GC-EVS24C Electric Scroll Compressor
Quantity first order of 10 units confirmed.
Voltage 750VDC
Displacement 24CC
Capacity 6KW

electric ac compressor for sale

Guchen electric ac compressors come in two models: GC-EVS24C and GC-EVS34C. The former models are a little lighter than the latter one. The displacement and cooling capacity differs.
Guchen electric compressors are the best choice for electric vehicles with large cooling loads. With the installation of GC-EVS compressors, EV manufacturers are able to develop an integrated high-efficiency AC system to meet the cooling needs of passengers.

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