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Bus Aircon Export to South Africa

Sep 22, 2015

Bus Aircon Export to South Africa Introduction

Guchen exports a batch of bus air conditioner to Johannesbury, South Africa in 2010, Including 10 sets of bus aircon for 18 meter articulated buses, 150 sets of bus air conditioning units for Mercedes-Benz buses.


This year THE 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa took place in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010, it was the 19th FIFA World Cup.

Purchase product: Bus Air Conditioner
Application: GAUTRAIN BUSES Project
Bus air conditioner for Benz buses: 18 meter articulated buses
Destination Country: Johannesburg, South Africa
Delivery Time: 2010 year

Bus Aircon Export to South AfricaBus Aircon Export to South Africa


Highlight of Guchen Bus Aircon export to South Africa

◆ Condenser coil using copper tube aluminium finned
◆ These bus aircon has been running for 5 years.
◆ Extremely low failure rate
◆ Bock FK 40 compressor
◆ Guchen self-developed clutch.
◆ Guchen expatriate our engineers in Johannesbury to assist depot in installing bus air conditioning system.
◆ Affordable price with high quality.
◆ Two-year warranty
◆ With 18 years of experience in global exports for Bus air conditioner.

    6nfxy compressor with clutchBus Aircon Export to South Africa


In order to alleviate the traffic pressure on the World Cup in Johannesburg, The South African government launched the GAUTRAIN BUSES, which is mainly connected to the subway and major transportation stations. After repeated negotiations, GAUTRAIN BUSES would like to cooperation with Guchen Industry, and using GUCHEN bus air conditioning to match with their Benz buses and cooling the passenger compartment.


Guchen Bus Air Conditioner for GAUTRAIN BUSES Project:

Guchen supply 10 sets of bus air conditioning units for 18 meter articulated buses, and 150 sets of bus air conditioner for Mercedes-Benz buses.
GAUTRAIN BUSES employed Mercedes-Benz chassis were assembled by Busmark and CAIO factory, which the largest body builder in South Africa.

Bus Aircon Export to South AfricaBus Aircon Export to South Africa

Customer Testimonials:

Johannesburg's summers are warm and wet, the climatic environment of Johannesburg, South Africa from Nov. to Feb. is around 25-26 °C, after three years, our customer feedback these bus air conditioners which running smoothly, high performance, low trouble rate, no noise, while the biggest drawbacks of Guchen Bus aircon is too cold. (Guchen air conditioning is normal running in 0°C - 50 °C ambient temperature.)
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