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Guchen SD-05 Bus Air Conditioner for Sale

Jun 11, 2018

SD Series Bus HVAC System has the following characteristics:

1. Light weight, small size, suitable for hybrid bus or passenger car with tank device on the roof
2. The biggest feature of the SD series bus air conditioner is the double return air system, which enhances the cooling effect and allows the air to be blown into the passenger car more evenly.
Guchen SD-05 bus air conditioner is designed for 9-11.5 meter city bus, vehicle direct engine driven, and with its double returen air system, the cooling performace is up the best.  Besites that, customers can equip with heating system if your countries are in the very cold place, such as Russia. 

Is There any Diffreence Between SR-05 and SD-05 Unit?


SR-05 bus air conditioner is the same as SD-05. SR-05 bus AC system is best suitable for colder eastern Europe or Russia in winter, as it is equipped with a heating core device (on the basis of SD-05 bus air conditioner) so it has heating function.
The picture below shows the on-site installation of SR-05 bus HVAC system. Our customers now have run their buses with the cool air to give the local passengers a comfortable driving environment. 

sd-05 bus air conditioner 

Guchen Industry's bus air conditioners not only with the high cost performance but also with its professional and high quality performance goes into the world market, to give our customers the best HVAC project in public transportation. WE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH THE BEST BUS HVAC SOLUTIONS.
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