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Guchen SD Series Bus Air Conditioner to Europe Articulated Buses

Aug 07, 2017

Articulated bus, one of the city buses in the world, with two or more carriages is used in public transportation, also called as articulated vehicle, bendy buses, motor bus or trolleybus. An articulated bus can carry more people than the traditional city bus. With the living standard improvement, seeking comfortable is never stopping, so how to install the all electric bus air conditioner on an articulated bus? Now let’s Guchen Industry give the answer. We have given a wonderful project to bus air conditioner for articulated buses in our European clients.


What Problem that Guchen Industry should to Solve for European Clients?

According to the local condition in Europe, Guchen Industry exculsively designed the bus air conditioners for their 18 meter articulated buses. With 19 years experience in bus air conditioners manufacture, we help our customers solve the following three problems:

1. Conforming to European Beautiful Standard

There is electric box in the roof top of their bus, and we have to meet their requirement to make the bus air conditioner length in 3 meters, cooling capacity is over 60KW, and beautiful appearance.

2. Solve the bus air conditioner pipe contact problem

As for the articulated bus, the tube contact is complex, and in this bus air conditioner, adopts Manuli flexible pipe.

3. Equipping with heating system

It is very cold in winner in Europe, so the heating system is very necessary for their winner use.

How Guchen Industry Solve the Problem to European Clients ?

Taking our customers' requirement and their condition into consideration, Guchen Industry recommend our SD-10 bus air conditioners, which is designed for European. Aiming at European market, Guchen introduce our SD-10 bus air conditioners, and the advantages as the following:

1.SD-10 bus air conditioners are made of two sets of SD-05 bus air conditioners,has the big cooling capacity.

guchen  SD-05 bus air conditioners
PHOTO: guchen SD-05 bus air conditioners for articulated bus

2.Double return air system, light in weight, small in size, safe fuel consumption and safe installation space, and its cooling performance is up to best.

Guchen SD-05 bus air conditioners for european articulated bus
PHOTO: SD-05 Bus Air Conditioners 

3.Adopt FKX40/755k BOCK Compressor, this is a new type of four cylinders compressors, especially designed for the SD series bus air conditioners with big cooling capacity.

Guchen SD-05 bus air conditioners for european articulated bus
PHOTO: BOCK FKX40/755k Compressors for the SD-05 Bus air ocnditioners

4.Guchen Industry SD-05 bus air conditioners adopt SMC and LFT materials, which is degradable materials, suitable for the European conditions. So its housing and cover are made of LFT and SMC material, meanwhile made by mould pressing technology, ensure that the emissions of harmful substances are below the national standard. It is unique in the industry.
SMC --- Sheet molding compound
LFT and SMC material used for the Bus AC housing and Cover.
LFT ---Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics.

Guchen SD-05 bus air conditioners for european articulated bus
PHOTO: LFT and SMC materials for SD-05 bus air conditioners 

5.The joint of pipe adopts manuli pipe joint, and in the roof of bus, it adopts flanged joint, which can rotate 180°

bus air conditioner pipes

6.As for the bus air conditioners heating system, its condenser core adopts 2 lists and 9 rows of copper tube aluminum sheet, and equip with deflation valve. The hydro valve is compact.

core of bus air conditioner

7.The SD-05 bus air conditioners installation examples on the bus. Our customers now have run their buses with the cool air to give the local passengers a comfortable driving environment.

installation of guchen bus ac

Guchen Industry successfully give our European customers this good solution, and win their trust and good reputation. As for now, Guchen Industry’s bus air conditioners not only with the high cost performance but also with its professional and high quality performance goes into the world market, to give our customers the best HVAC project in public transportation.
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