20 Sets PD-07 Rooftop Bus Air Conditioners Exported Abroad


PD-07 bus air conditioner for sale

In August 2021, 20 sets of Guchen PD-07 bus a/c units were exported abroad.

PD series is enjoying great popularity in countries like Algeria, Bolivia and Ethiopia. It is the most affordable system among all of Guchen’s traditional bus air conditioning models (DD series, SD series, BD series and PD series).

PD-07 bus ac exported abroad
PD-07 bus a/c system is mainly manufactured to be used on 10m-12m buses and coaches. It controls the temperature and humidity inside the bus compartment. Equipped with fresh air system and bock FKX40/655k compressor, PD-07 unit is able to provide drivers and passengers a comfortable and safe riding environment in the pandemic. Meanwhile, to meet the increasing heating requirements and the need for precise automated control in most bus applications, Guchen has upgraded our bus air conditioners with integral heating & cooling functions. Featuring programmable eco mode, the novel design enhances system control and monitoring.

20 sets bus air conditioner for sale

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