BD-06 Bus Air Conditioning Installation for Yutong Bus|Guchen


Guchen Industry as one of the famous bus air conditioner manufacturers in China with over 20 years experience in bus hvac systems design, manufacture and export. Of which, we have different sets of bus air conditioning systems included into BD series ac units for bus, SD series, PD series bus air con and electric bus air conditioners to meet all of our customers demands on bus havc solutions.
bus air conditioner installation for yutong bus
Photo: BD-06 bus air conditioning installations for Yutong bus

Recently we install some sets of BD-06 air conditioner for bus for Yutong. BD-06 air conditioner for bus is used for 10-13m city bus.
As a traditional bus ac unit, the BD-06 has large cooling capacity, reliable working performance. Working under the ambient temperature is up to 50℃+ bring cool air!

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