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Installation Case: Custom PD-06 Combined Heating & Air-conditioning System for 9-10m Bus

Aug 23, 2021
On 20th, July, 2021, Guchen Industry exported 15 sets of PD-06 bus air conditioning systems abroad. In comparison with traditional models, PD-06 units are more lightweight, need less energy and much easier to maintain.
PD-06 bus air conditioner for sale
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In the fast-paced society, bus AC manufacturers & designers have continued to upgrade their systems to provide bus factories more modern and efficient solutions, thus improving the passengers’ comfort.
HVAC system in the passenger compartment is one of the most essential features that can provide an optimal conditions for a large quantity of passengers. During the past few years, Guchen Industry increased our emphasis on the design and manufacturer of our bus air conditioners to fit them perfectly with modern buses and coaches.
PD-06 bus air conditioning
PD-06 is one of Guchen’s completely-upgraded air conditioning systems for 9-10m city bus. The latest generation PD-06 unit is integrated with both heating and cooling function, which can provide a comfortable environment in the passenger area. 
PD-06 rooftop bus AC unit combines the latest technology and components. Compared with previous installed models, PD-06 air conditioning system is with programmable eco mode, works far more efficiently. It is featured with a 4 or 6 cylinder compressor configuration, more quietly.

PD-06 rooftop bus ac
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