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PFD-VII Bus Air Conditioner Exported to Colombia

Feb 28, 2015

PD-07 Bus Air Conditioner Exported to Colombia

Purchase Product: PD-07 Bus Air Conditioner 
Model: PD-07  Rooftop mounted Bus Air Conditioner 
Cooling Capacity: 37.2 KW / 32,000 Kcal/h / 127,000 BTU
Application: 12m city bus air conditioning  

bus air conditionerbus air conditioner
March, 12, 2014, The Colombia customer place order of a complete PD-07 bus air conditioner system including compressor, condenser, evaporator, alternator, fan, blower, compressor bracket, control panel, magnetic clutch, generator, return air grille, hose pipes, and installation accessories. In September, he gave us good feedback to us about stable performance, greater cooling capacity and recommend us to another Colombia clients. 
When the PD-07 Bus Air Conditioner exported to Colombia, The following are pictures showing PD-07 Rooftop mounted Unit bus air conditioner packaging & shipping and on-site installation and debugging, Our technology engineer have been written a "bus A/C system installation instruction" for help you to installation your bus air conditioner.

bus air conditionerbus air conditioner
The PD-07 bus air conditioner is widely used for 10-12 meter city bus or 11-13 meter coach with high cooling efficiency. 

Customer Testimonials for PD-07 Bus Air Conditioner

Absolutely best place in china for providing the bus air conditioner. They are do their best to help you configure the exact right bus air conditioner system according to your actual demand. I am very satisfied with this complete bus air conditioning system.

PD-07 Rooftop Mounted Bus Air Conditioner Packaging & Shipping

bus air conditioner installation
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