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110 sets of Guchen bus air conditioner with Yutong Buses Delivered to Sofia

Sep 18, 2016
August 31st, 2016, 110 sets Yutong buses join into public transport system of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, which the buses are equipped with Guchen bus air conditioner SD-06 bus air conditioner.
The contract was signed by Yutong and Bulgaria on December 20th, 2015, and we install the bus air conditioner on Yutong bus in the production line of Yutong factory.

Guchen bus air conditioner export to Sofia Guchen SD-06 Bus air conditioning system:

Cooling capacity up to 37.2KW with a Bock FKX40/655K compressor, designed for the 12~13m city buses.

Before the Yutong Buses were delivered to Sofia, Guchen SD-06 bus air conditioners are mounted on the roof top of 100 Yutong buses in the Yutong Factory. Here in the below photo, you can see the bus air conditioner mounted in factory.

Guchen bus air conditioner

Photo: Cutting the rooftop of bus(left) and Install the bus air conditioners (right)

Yutong buses with Guchen bus air conditioner in parking lots. Buses delivered to Sofia government. There is a ceremony held by Sofia municipal government, especially for the welcome of these 110 buses on Aug. 31st, 2016.

Yutong has worked out a special service plan to ensure the smooth operation of the buses and better serve the travel of Bulgarian people. In the meantime, Guchen will ensure the good climate in buses and offer more comfortable experience to Bulgarian friends.

Guchen bus air conditioning system
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