Guchen Sub-engine (Independent) Bus Air Conditioning System Improved The Working Condition of Labors In Middle East Countries


There have many old buses exported by Tata and Ashok Leyland to Middle East market for all kinds of transportation purpose, especially for labor transportation. Most of them without air conditioning system on it, with lower engine power and more seats than normal buses.
independent bus air conditioning   

Now, more and more governments in Middle East requires the transportation company or bus owners to equip the bus air conditioning system on their old buses to improve the inside conditions in order to avoid overheat of labors when long distance shuttling between work site and residence by buses.
Guchen got many inquires from customers who have this demand and quickly improved our sub-engine bus air conditioner products to against the high temperature and high humidity climate in Middle East market to ensure our system can running well in there and got continuously good performance for all working life of buses rather than only running months to against the government’s requirement which other company doing now.

independent bus air conditioning

This time, we choose the stable model DD-06 for Middle East market. DD-06 equipped ISUZU 2.771L engine power pack and our BFDD-06 air conditioning system, Bock compressor, Prestolite alternator and copper radiator to ensure its good performance in summer which highest temperature up to 60 degree C.

independent bus air conditioning   independent bus air conditioning   

Compare to other competitors, here we also equip the electric controlling box on sub-engine power pack which can rear-start the a/c system on it, and a auxiliary battery for sub-engine to ensure its independent running, extra cut-off hand valve of battery give the second protection to avoid lack of battery when long time no use in winter or by other reason.

 independent bus air conditioning independent bus air conditioning system

All these above mentioned solutions we did is wanna get a good comfortable experience for labors when start or end of working in a day.
More buses waiting for equip our sub-engine bus air conditioning systems.

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independent bus air conditioning

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