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The Most Affordable Bus Air Conditioner For Sale Worldwide

Sep 30, 2020
Designers design their bus air conditioners with various models, color, cooling capacity and prices.
Some of the bus HVAC systems are driven by bus engine, while other are electrically driven by battery such as pure electric bus AC.
full electric bus air conditioner

Some of bus AC units can be only used coastal areas, while others may be ideally suited to operation at high ambient temperature.
Some of them are specially manufactured for minibus, while others are dedicated designed for large coaches and buses factories.
Some of them are rooftop mounted systems, which other are mounted at the back wall of the vehicles.
Some bus AC are with fresh air setting, while others may not.
Some of the bus air conditioning systems are with compact one-piece design and high prices, while others are designed separately and lower cost.
Among all the climate control systems manufactured by Guchen Industry, PD AC units are the most affordable model. It is also a preferred choice for our overseas customers. In the past few years, PD bus air conditioning systems earned great popularity because of its great cooling capacity and low cost.
PD units are fit for all kinds of bus and coach with 6-12m.
Here are the photos of 24 sets of Guchen PD-06 exported abroad last year.
Guchen PD-06 affordable bus ac rooftop mounted bus air conditioning systems
affordable bus air conditioning bus air conditioner for sale

PD-06 is one of the most popular models in all Guchen’s affordable PD air conditioning system. Its dimension is 3010×1902×225mm, with a cooling capacity of 111,000BTU. They will be shipped to a bus factory, and installed on 10m city buses. The great-performance affordable traditional bus air conditioner will maintain the most optimal environment on board, and provide comport to passengers to make their ride comfortable.
If you or your factory has plan to purchase affordable bus HVAC but have no idea what model to choose from, then please feel free to drop us a line or directly send us an inquiry. Our professional sales team will contact and share some useful ideas with you ASAP.
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