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Guchen Exports 25 sets Air Conditioner for Tractors to Uruguay

Sep 13, 2016
On August, our customer Mr. Sofía from Uruguay purchased 25 sets of small air conditioner for tractor, truck cabin and engineering machinery.

Product Model: GC-03 truck cab air conditioner and GC-04 air conditioner for truck cab

Application: Tractor cab, truck cabin and engineering machinery

rooftop truck cab air conditioner for tractor
Photo: GC-03 truck cab air conditioner install on the tractor (picture from our customer: Mr. Sofia)

Guchen GC-03 and GC-04 truck cab air conditioners are direct vehicle driven units, with 3.5~5.3KW cooling capacity can meet most of the demands of truck drivers. These rooftop truck cab air conditioners are suitable for more areas, in which don’t enact a law that prohibit engine starting when truck stopping.

Also it has a cheap price compared with electric truck cab air conditioner.

truck cab air conditioner
Photo: GC-03 tractor air conditioner (left) & CG-04 air conditioner for tractor (right)
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