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Guchen Thermo TR-110D is small van refrigeration unit with Eco-friendly R134a refrigerant, TR-110D refrigeration unit for van is DC powered 12V or 24V units, Its compressor is in the inner side of condenser, so it is very easy to install, save space and light weight. TR-110D chiller unit for van is suitable for 2~8m³  small refrigerated vans, especially designed for Sprinter, Ford, Fiat, Renault, VW,EVECO... vans. TR-110D small van refrigeration unit temperature range is -5℃~+25℃, for delivering fresh and chilled foods. 

Once the van engine is off, the van reefer units won't last long for refrigerating. So please equip the cargo van refrigeration unit with an extra transformer (AC Power Switch), which can transform the AC main power to DC12V/DC24V; besides, it can be plugged into the 240V/380V main power supply, and in the mean time charge the vehicle battery. So it’s very simple and convenient to run the van refrigeration units when the engine is off. 

According to customers’ feedback, these refrigeration units for van are very easy to mount, because he doesn’t need to install compressor on the other side of cargo vans. 

Guchen Thermo as the condenser roof mounted electric chiller units for van manufacturer can give you the best quotation for this units! Welcome to contact us to ask quotation!

We warmly welcome the partners who are in the business of truck body factory, vehicle refitting factory, other brand refrigeration dealers and so on to join us!


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