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What is the Best Minibus Air Conditioning Unit?

Guchen Industry is able to supply a wide variety of roof mount systems for mini to large bus and coach applications. PD-03 Mini Model is suitable for mini diesel buses. ED-03 model is specially designed for small electric buses.

Mini Diesel Bus Air Conditioning Unit (PD-03)

PD-03 is a roof mount air conditioner designed for mini diesel buses. The whole equipment can be installed on the top of the bus and it has been widely used in different kinds of vehicles, such as mini buses, coaches, and other commercial vehicle applications.
Guchen PD-03 air conditioning units are equipped with intelligent control system, which can realize automatic temperature control program and intelligent environment humidity control program. It has multi-functional remote controller with LCD display and humanized operation interface, which makes operating more convenient. It has high energy efficiency and low noise level when running.

The main features of mini PD-03 bus A/C are: low noise level; small size; good heat transfer efficiency; easy installation, maintenance and repair; reliable performance; long service life etc.

Mini Electric Bus Air Conditioner (ED-03)

Guchen ED-03 unit is suitable for mini electric buses. It is a low pressure high temperature system with an super-efficient electric ac compressor, condenser and evaporator.

The ED-03 roof mount air conditioning unit is designed to keep the interior of an electric bus cool in summer and warm in winter (PTC heating technology). 

The advantages of Guchen ED-03 are as follows:

1) Low noise: Compared with traditional bus cooling system, it can reduce up to 50% noise;

2) Small size: The body is small enough that it can be installed on the roof of the bus without taking too much spaces;

3) Easy installation: It is simple to install by using a variety of accessories such as mounting brackets, bolts, nuts and other parts. The installation time is less than one hour. The installation method is simple and convenient, which saves much time and effort during maintenance or repair work;

4) Low cost: ED-03 electric bus air conditioner adopts the most advanced inverter type electric scroll compressor, which has lower energy consumption and better performance than other compressors. The cooling capacity of the system can be adjusted according to different operating conditions of the new energy bus (temperature and humidity); Compared with traditional cooling system, it saves about 30% energy consumption costs per unit time;
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