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Meet Guchen Industry at 17th Guangzhou International Auto Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Exhibition

Mar 29, 2021
guangzhou refrigeration technology exhibition 
The 17th Guangzhou International Auto Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Exhibition was held during 11th Mar. to 13th Mar., 2021.
Guchen Industry attended the exhibition fair. We would like to grasp every chance to communicate with the industry leader/competitors, and look for more fresh ideas.
The top reason why Guchen Industry attend the fair is because we have been seeking more opportunity to promote our electric air conditioning compressors, and wanna know the latest trend in China auto air conditioning industry.

What Products are Listed at the Exhibition?

There are more than 50 China manufacturers attending the exhibition, which includes battery powered truck air conditioner manufacturer, electromagnetic clutch manufacturer, evaporator blower manufacturer, fan manufacturer and electric compressor manufacturer etc.
 electric compressor manufacturer
There were also researchers from Zhejiang University and engineers from Dongfeng Motor sharing their latest achievement relating to thermal management. Guchen Industry learned that  the requirements for thermal management of electric vehicles are divided into the following aspects
1. Passenger compartment thermal management - cabin ventilation, cooling, heating, windshield defrosting, defogging.
2. Battery thermal management - battery cooling, heating, driving status, fast charging.
3. Thermal management of motor and electric control system - air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-cooled.
4. The mechanical power and waste heat without the engine can be used, and the power battery power can be consumed to generate heat and cold sources.
5. The thermal management system should be energy-saving, efficient, and environmentally friendly, and minimize the impact on the driving range of the vehicle.
 thermal management
The thermal management of the fuel cell vehicle is divided into control units such as fuel cell stack, power battery, motor, electric control, etc., and the passenger compartment.
The vehicle thermal management system is composed of four circulation loops including heat pump air conditioning loop, fuel cell loop, power battery loop, and motor cooling loop.
The heat pump air-conditioning circulation loop adjusts the circulation path and direction of the refrigerant in the loop through the four-way reversing valve and the solenoid valve, and adjusts the flow rate of the refrigerant in the loop through the electric AC compressor.
The fuel cell circulation loop and the power cell circulation loop regulate the flow rate of the coolant in the loop through a water pump.
 fuel cell vehicle thermal management
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