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  • Electrical Van Refrigeration Units
  • Electrical Van Refrigeration Units
  • Electrical Van Refrigeration Units

TRF-110D Electrical Van Refrigeration Units

  • Product Name: • Van Refrigeration Units TRF-110D
  • Driven Type: • DC Powered Driven
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Compressor: • YM15(15cc/r)
  • Controller: • Digital, In Cab
  • Refrigerant: • R134a/1.2kg

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TRF-110D Electrical Van Refrigeration Units

DC Powered Refrigeration Units are rooftop mounted non-independent refrigeration systems, which is driven  by the vehicle battery.The critical components are imported from famous world-top brands with high quality; The DC Powered Refrigeration Units have the stylish streamlined appearance compatible to the vehicle body; The refrigeration units are designed specially for Sprinter,Ford, Fiat,Renault,VW,EVECO...Vans and 2~5m³ volume of containers.

Refrigeration Principle Diagram
DC Powered Refrigeration Unit

Application of the TRF-110D DC Powered Refrigeration Unit
The TRF-110D refrigeration unit is used to keep freezing for the delivery of frozen goods like meat,sea foods,vaccine, ice cream etc., application for 2~5m³ van and truck body at temperature of -15℃~+25℃.  The system has the following features: high efficient, energy saving, quick refrigerating and accurate temperature control,etc.
refrigeration unit

Key Parts and Components of the Complete TRF-110D DC Powered Refrigeration Unit
Evaporator Assembly; Rooftop Mounted Condenser Assembly with in-built Electric Compressor; In Cab Digital Controller; Receiver Tank; Hoses pipes, Wire Harness, Installation Accessories...
DC Powered Refrigeration Unit Key Parts

Key Features of the DC Powered Refrigeration Unit
1.Operation voltage 12V/24V/48V/72V/96V
2.Green and environment-friendly refrigerant R404a
2.Hot gas defrosting system; With oil seperator
3.Strong cooling capacity; Large airflow capacity
4.Top brand key parts: Sanden; Danfoss; Good Year; Spal; Codan, etc.
5.International Certifications ISO9001/TS16949CE/QS9001/CE etc. 
6 Pro-active service; reasonable price; long life time products quality.

Installation of the DC Powered Refrigeration Units
The Condenser is rooftop mounted; the Evaporator is horizontally mounted on the ceiling of the container. The Controller is installed in the driver’s cab; then connect the Hose pipes and Wire harness among the Condenser, the Evaporator and the Controller, and bound tight the pipes and wires.
Installation of the DC Powered Refrigeration Unit

How could the DC Powered refrigeration unit run when the truck stops?
When truck stops, the battery won’t last long to keep driving the refrigeration unit. Then we equip the refrigeration unit with an extra Transformer(AC Power Switch), which can transform the AC main power to DC12V/DC24V; besides, it can be plugged into the 240V/380V main power supply , and in the mean time charge the vehicle battery.So it’s very simple and convenient to run the van refrigeration units when the engine is off.

TRF-110D Electrical Van Refrigeration Units



Temperature Range(In Container)

-5℃ ~ +25℃ / +23℉ ~ +77℉

Cooling Capacity


700W / 600Kcal/h /2390 BTU










Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube




865*660*210 mm


40 kg



Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube




510*600*210 mm


18 kg

Voltage&Total current

DC12V(55A) DC24V(35A)


R134a/1.2 kg



Total Weight

63 kg


Sprinter Ford,Fiat,Renault,VW,IVECO etc

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