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BD-01 Bus Air Conditioner

  • Model: • BD-01
  • Cooling Capacity: • 21KW / 18,000Kcal/h / 71,000BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 3033×1820×195 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • 7-8 meter City Bus or 7-8 meter Coach

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Description of BD-01 Bus Air Conditioner 
BD-01 rooftop series unit is suitable for small city bus and coach of 7-8 m, the compressor is powered by vehicle engine and the control system is powered by vehicle alternator. It is a kind of  bus air conditioner, which is installed on the rooftop of the vehicle. If your city bus or coach is 7-8m, BFFD-00 bus air conditioner is your best choice.

Feature of BD-01 Bus Air Conditioner                                                                                           
● Manual and automatic control mode, simple operation and easily using.
● Fiberglass shell structure with good heating insulation and anti-aging properties.
● Guchen’s independent parallel control mode to ensure reliability and durability.
● Internal screw thread copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fins making cooling performance optimized.
● Diversity of configurations to meet different needs and superiority in cost-effectiveness.

Advantage of BD-01 Bus Air Conditioner
With 18,000 Kcal/h cooling capacity.
Evaporator is hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube, high strength fiberglass, heat and vibration insulation.
Condenser adopts aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube.
High efficiency, low noise, long life.
Expansion valve is high sensitivity, good mobility.
With high strength fiberglass, heat and vibration insulation condenser assembly.
With silver the anti-acid and alkali salt corrosion, dustproof and waterproof connector.
Air return grille is beautiful and easy to clean.

Dimension of BD-01 Transport air conditioning
L:3033mm  W:1820mm  H:195mm
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Cooling Capacity

21 KW / 18,000 Kcal/h / 71,000 BTU

Heating Capacity


Fresh Air

1000 m3/h

Refrigerant / Volume

R134a / 6.5 kg



Bitzer F400




31 kg

Oil Type




Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

4,000 m3/h

Blower Type

4-speed centrifugal type

No. of Blower

4 pcs





Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

5,700 m3/h

Fan Type

Axial type

No. of Fan

3 pcs



Total Current

< 65A

Weight of Rooftop Unit



7-8 Meter City Bus & Coach

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