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BD-02 Bus Air Conditioner

  • Model: • BD-02
  • Cooling Capacity: • 25.6KW / 22,000Kcal/h / 87,000BTU
  • Driven Type: • Engine Direct Driven
  • Dimension: • 3345×1820×190 mm
  • Installation: • Rooftop Mounted
  • Application: • 7.7-8.5 meter City Bus or 8-9 meter Coach

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BD-02 Bus Air Conditioner Introduction 

Cuchen industry is offering BD series bus air conditioners system, of which, BD-02 bus air conditioner is a roof-mounted bus air conditioner with 25.6KW cooling capacity and can be installed in 7.7-8.5 m length bus or 8-9 m length coach.   
BD-02 bus air conditioner is mainly made up of compressor, evaporator, condenser, magnetic clutch, sight glass and so on. The compressor in BD-02 bus air conditioner is powered by vehicle engine and the control system is powered by vehicle alternator. 

BD-02 Bus Air Conditioner Application 

BD-02 bus air conditioner can be suitable for middle buses with 7.7-8.5 m length or coaches with 8-9 m length. The cooling capacity of BD-02 bus air conditioner with 25.6 KW cooling capacity can be installed middle bus or coach carrying up with about 37 seaters. 

PHOTO: BFFD-02 bus air conditioner is mounted on the toproof of 9-meter coach 

BD-02 Bus Air Conditioner Benefits

  1. The parts of BD-02 bus air conditioner are from well-known suppliers in home and abroad with high quality and assurance.

  2. The cooling capacity is 25.6 KW higher than BD-00 bus air conditioner (17.5KW) and BD-01 bus air conditioner (21KW) to satisfy your bigger need for cooling capacity.  
  3. Easier to install and low cost of maintenance.
  4. High efficiency and lower noisy.

BD-02 Bus Air Conditioner feature

  • The compressor in BD-02 bus air conditioner is swash-plate compressor from BITZER with high-quality home and abroad.

  • The magnetic clutch in BD-02 bus air conditioner has good abrasion, great transmitted power and long life.
  • The evaporator in BD-02 bus air conditioner from CLING has high strength fiberglass, heat and vibration insulation.
  • You can choose the cooling system or heating system or both of the two systems according to your need.
  • The BD-02 bus air conditioner is packaged bus air conditioner, which is easier to install. 


Dimension of BD-02 Transport Air Conditioning

L:3345mm   W:1820mm  H:190mm

PHOTO: Dimension of BFFD-02 transport air conditioner

The maintenance tips of BD-02 Bus Air Conditioner 

  • Check out and clean condenser fan regularly (usually once a week).

  • Check out and clean the return air window (once a month).
  • Check out the compressor magnetic clutch whether is stable and whether the belt is tight. (Once a day).
  • Turn on the bus air conditioner at least 10 minutes once a week when the BFFD-02 bus air conditioner is not running in winter. It is to increase its lifespan. 
  • Observe the sight glass to check our whether refrigerant is enough. 

More options to the BD series of bus air conditioners according to your need:

1.     BD-00 Small Bus Air Conditioning System ── 6-6.5 meter City Bus

2.     BD-01 Bus Air Conditioning System ──  7-7.8 meter City Bus 

3.     BD-02 Bus Air Conditioning System ── 7.7-8.5 meter City Bus 

4.     BD-04 Bus Air Conditioning System ── 8-9.3 meter City Bus 

5.     BD-05 Bus Air Conditioning System ── 9-10 meter City Bus 

6.     BD-06 Bus Air Conditioning System── 10-12 meter City Bus 

7.     BD-07 Bus Air Conditioning System ── 12-14 meter City Bus 





Cooling Capacity

25.6 KW / 22,000 Kcal/h / 87,000 BTU

Heating Capacity


Fresh Air

1000 m3/h

Refrigerant / Volume

R134a / 7.5 kg



Bitzer F400


400 cc


31 kg

Oil Type




Hydrophilic aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

4,000 m3/h

Blower Type

4-speed centrifugal type

No. of Blower

4 pcs





Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube

Air Flow

5,700 m3/h

Fan Type

Axial type

No. of Fan

3 pcs



Total Current

< 65A


7.7-8.5 meter City Bus or 8-9 meter Coach

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