Truck refrigeration units, bus air conditioning system
  • magnetic clutch

Clutch 2A2B for Valeo TM65 Compressor

  • Model : • 2A2B 260*220
  • Rated Voltage: • DC24V
  • Max Speed: • 3800r.p.m
  • Application comp.: • Valeo TM65 compressor
  • Consumer Power: • ≤62W

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Air conditioning compressor magnetic clutch

We are professional magnetic clutch supplier, the clutch mainly used for the bus air conditioner.

The clutch are application for  Valeo TM65 compressor.


1. The clutches are easy to install.

2. The clutches using a wide range.

Our clutch quality is reliable, we can provide 2 years warranty.

TM65 2A2B 260*220 clutch is power transmission device used for connecting engine and valeo compressor, and driving the bus air conditioning compressor operation. Thus promote air conditioning has reached for
the purpose of lowering the temperature vehicles. It is the common clutch model used on Valeo compressor.

Working principle

Clutch is controlled by the air conditioning switch, thermostat, pressure switch, etc. Cut off the power transfer between the engine and compressor when it is needed.

In addition, when the compressor overload, it can also play a protective role. Among them, the electromagnetic coil is fixed on the compressor shell, driven plate is connected to the main shaft of the compressor, pulley were installed on the compressor epicranium by bearing, can free rotation. Pass the engine torque to the compressor shaft to make the compressor shaft rotation.

When disconnect air conditioning switch, the suction of electromagnetic coil disappear. Drive pulley and disk break away under the action of spring leaf, compressor stop working.

Product structure

Valeo TM65 2A2B 260*220 Electromagnetic clutch is made up of pulley, coil, hub these three parts.

Application compressor

Valeo TM65 2A2B 260*220 clutch is mainly used on Valeo TM65 compressor.

Valeo TM65 series frequently-used clutch of compressor

1. TM65 2A2B 260*200

2. TM65 2B 200

3. TM65 2B 220

Note of clutch maintenance and remove

1. Before removing and maintaining the clutch, tear down center bolt in the middle of wheel set first.

2. Do Remember to take off card ring in the middle, otherwise can't tear down pulley smoothly.

3. Use professional withdrawal tool, puller to pull the belt pulley, and then disconnect the coil to

Coil of 2A2B for Valeo TM65 Compressor
coil of Clutch 2A2B for Valeo TM65 compressor

Hub of clutch 2A2B for Valeo TM65 Compressor
Hub of Clutch 2A2B for valeo TM65 compressor

Pulley of clutch 2A2B for Valeo TM65 Compressor
pulley of Clutch 2A2B for Valeo TM65 compressor

Clutch 2A2B for Valeo TM65 Compressor
clutch for Valeo TM65 compressor

Model Number TM65 2A2B 260*220
Rated Voltage DC24V
Static friction torque ≥250
Consumed Power ≤62W
Max speed 3800r.p.m
Application comp. Valeo TM65 compressosr
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