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12m City Bus Air Conditioners for Recommendation

Oct 18, 2017
Guchen bus air conditioners mainly included into the following models:
For the different kinds of buses, there are various choices according to customers demands. For the years, 10-12m city buses are very common in cities, so today will introduce some models of Guchen bus air conditioners for 10-12 meter city buses. 

1. BD-06 Bus Air Conditioners : The Most Traditional Models

BD series city bus air conditioners are the traditional ac units, compared with other models, it has big cooling capacity in the same condition, but it also has a larger size than other models. 

guchen BD-06 bus air conditioners for 12m city buses
PHOTO: BD-06 Bus Air Conditioners 

2. SD-06 Bus Air Conditioners ---- Double Return Air System

SD series bus air conditioners integrated all of other models (BD and PD series) advantages into SD series. It adopts double return air system, very small in size and compact structure, mainly design for CNG or LNG buses and Hybrid buses.

guchen SD-06 bus air conditioners for 12m city buses
PHOTO: SD-06 Bus Air Conditioners for 12m City Buses 

3. PD-07 Bus Air Conditioners ---- Adopt Front Wind Design

PD series adopt front wind design, more lighter and  the condenser is easy to dissipate heat, which makes the cooling performance up to the best. 

guchen PD-07 bus air conditioners for 12m city buses
PHOTO: PD-07 Bus Air Conditioners for 12m City Buses

4. ES-06 Bus Air Conditioners ---- All Electric Models

The new energy bus air conditioners, DC Powered 400V~720V voltage, small in size, lighter in weight, safe fuel, new trend bus ac in the future. 

guchen ES-06 bus air conditioners for 12m city buses
PHOTO: ES-06 Bus Air Conditioners for 12m City Buses

Tips: If you are not sure what models suitable for your buses, please contact us for help, our professional and friendly sales persons will give the best recommendation. 
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