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How to Buy an Air Conditioner

Aug 01, 2017
There are many factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner unit. Air conditioning systems vary in price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. Modern air conditioning systems have many advanced features to compare before making a choice. The type of air conditioner unit that is right for your vehicle also depends on your vehicle size, window, installation requirements and other parts. Research how to buy an air conditioner unit that will save money and energy while keeping your space cool.
Step 1: Shop in store or online for an air conditioner unit in the cooler months. Many brands are more likely to be on sale and in stock.
Step 2: Measure the van, truck, minibus or bus boxes to be cooled. Choose an air conditioner unit with the right cooling capacity for the space. A unit with too high of a cooling capacity for the space can turn off and on too often.
Step 3: Check the cooling capacity. This is measured in BTUs per hour; higher BTUs mean more cooling capacity.
Step 4: Compare the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of air conditioning systems. The EER is required to be displayed on modern air conditioner unit. Units with higher EER ratings use less energy.
Step 5: Make sure the louvers of the air conditioning systems are motorized or adjustable. Air needs to be aimed at the center of a space to provide adequate cooling. 
Step 6: Get advice and feedback. Read reviews and model comparisons from reliable sources and consumer sites. Be on the lookout for complaints about specific models or companies. Ask for advice about how to buy an air conditioner unit from family and friends who have recently purchased one.
Step 7: Try out the air conditioner unit in the store. Use it in the store to check on the noise level and ease in operating.
Step 8: Find out how to install the air conditioner unit. Maybe Some air conditioning systems have special requirements, like voltage. Make sure the air conditioner unit is the right size and the cooling capacity can meet you needs. If necessary, choose a retailer that offers installation service which will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle. 
Guchen GC-10E rooftop mounted air conditioner is driven by vehicle engine and can be used in the 5-6.5-meter length vehicles, which is greatly suitable for vans and minibuses. And GC-10E Van and Minibus Air Conditioner can supply 12v and 24v types of compressors according to the customers’ needs. And under its 10 KW cooling capacity, GC-10E van air conditioning system can be apply for minibus carrying up to 16 passengers. Also GC-10E rooftop mounted air conditioner all parts and materials are from international well-known brands of suppliers with better stability and high-quality assurance, so you do not need to worry about product quality.  

gc-10e air conditioning system
PHOTO: GC-10E rooftop mounted air conditioner installed on a van 
Guchen Industry, as the leading manufacturer of air conditioner, have won good reputation at home and abroad for its first-class technical team, advanced R & D technology, excellent product quality, comprehensive and thoughtful service. So please be assured the purchase, whether from the price, quality or from the after service!
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