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ts-600 Self-engine Powered truck reefer units
ts-600 refrigeration system for diesel trucks
ts-600 evaporator unit

TS-600 Self-Powered Refrigeration Unit for Box Truck

Product Name:
Truck Refrigeration Unit TS-600
Driven Type:
Diesel Engine Driven
Condenser Installation:
Front Mounted
25~35m³ Truck Box

Introduction of Guchen TS-600 Self-powered Refrigeration Unit

A self-powered diesel truck unit is powered by a secondary diesel engine as opposed to refrigeration systems that use the truck's main engine. Guchen TS series units are such self-engine driven reefer systems in nosemount version. The new model TS-600 is an independently diesel-powered refrigeration unit with dedicated design, best for 25-35m³ box trucks.

TS-600 self-engine driven refrigeration system gives fleets more effective cooling solutions for small to medium box trucks. It plays a key role in temperature-controlled transportation for both fresh (beverages, fresh food, pharmaceuticals etc.) and frozen (meat, poultry, fish etc.) applications. The reliable diesel engine driven refrigeration system enables all loaded cargoes arrive at their destinations in optimal conditions.

Tips: there are many factors (such as ambient temperature, box volume, refrigerated body K-value, cargoes that will be loaded etc.) that will affect your final choice of refrigeration system. Therefore, it is recommended to ask our technicians for the details and recommended model. Contact Guchen Team via email:

Technical Data of TS-600 Diesel Refrigeration Unit

Model TS-600
Temperature Range(In Container) -20℃~+30℃
Cooling Capacity 0℃/+38℃ By Engine 5600W
By Standby 4930W
-18℃/+38℃ By Engine 3350W
By Standby 2935W
Compressor Model Bock FK30 235TK
Displacement 233cc/r
Overall Dimensions 1795×795×560mm
Evaporator opening size 1245×310mm
Total Weight 395kg
Voltage 12VDC
Refrigerant R404a
Defrosting Hot gas defrosting (Auto)
Engine Model Perkins
No. Of cylinder 2
Electric standby optional 220V/240V/380V/400V 3Phase 50Hz or 60Hz
Application 25~35m³

Benefits of Diesel Powered TS-600 Truck Units

Most efficient system for long-distance refrigerated transport
The split and monoblock self-engine powered truck refrigeration systems are configurated with an independent diesel engine. It perfectly meets the demands of medium size lorries/trucks/trailers for consistent and safe delivery of customer's cargoes during long-distance refrigerated transportation. TS-600 truck refrigeration unit delivers the dependability needed to efficiently transport the fresh and frozen cargoes.

Recommended models for large size refrigerated vehicles:
TS-1000 diesel powered reefer unit for 45-55m³ truck box
TS-1200 diesel engine driven unit for 55-65m³ refrigerated trucks
Guchen offers a variety of self-engine driven solutions for your truck refrigeration needs.
Improved fuel economy
It improves fuel efficiency to use a secondary diesel engine as the normal function of a self-engine powered refrigeration unit removes the need for drive belts and increases the power output back to its original level, thus resulting in reduced fuel consumption.

TS-600 self engine driven truck unit
Low noise level
The top quality Perkins engine is with low noise and harshness during its operation. With innovation design, Guchen diesel-powered trailer refrigeration units perform more quietly. The less noise from the truck freezer unit helps when refrigerated vehicles delivery cargoes travelling through residential neighborhoods.
Low maintenance costs
The installation of a secondary diesel engines enables the truck units operate longer with less fuel and with less maintenance. In the long run, diesel engines seem to be more economy.
TS-600 Self-powered Truck Refrigeration Unit Components
Condenser and Slim Evaporator unit Assembly (pre-assembly with the two units connected to each other)
Perkins Engine
German GEA Bock Compressor (engine driven compressor)
In-cab Digital Control System (remote display and control)
Electric Standby Unit (optional)
Multi-temperature Unit (optional)

condenser of TS-600 self-engine driven refrigeration unit
TS-600 diesel refrigeration unit TS-600 digital control panel

Guchen TS-600 Diesel Engine Powered Truck Refrigeration Units for sale

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