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1 Set Ecooler2600 Semi Truck Air Conditioner Shipped Abroad

Mar 11, 2022
On 17th, Jan., 2022, 1 Ecooler2600 air conditioning unit was well-packaged, and ready ship to our overseas customer in Middle East. This unit will be installed on a 3-year-old semi truck, as a supplemental truck cooling system to provide climate comfort for the semi truck cabin.
ecooler2600 semi truck air conditioner

Ecooler2600 semi truck air conditioner is the perfect addition to semi truck cab. It is used when the truck is parked in a spot overnight. It is driven by the vehicle battery, and dedicated designed with energy efficiency and cost effectiveness features. Guchen Ecooler2600 is a must have for all truckers, especially long-haul truck drivers.
Ecooler2600 semi truck ac
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