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4 Sets of Guchen Ecooler 12 Volt Air Conditioner for Tractors Export to Central America

Aug 08, 2017

In June, 2017, our agent from Central America ordered 4 sets of Guchen Ecooler 12 Volt Air Conditioner for Tractors. He heard Guchen Company accidentally in 2016 and then surf our website, and contact with Guchen Company, leaving his information and tell us his requirements and needs towards air conditioner. And then he puts forward the idea of becoming distributor of Guchen Company in Central America. After many times email and telephone communication, he successfully becomes our agent at the begining of 2017.

Country: Central America
Purchase products: 4 sets of Guchen Ecooler 12 Volt Air Conditioner for Tractors
Application: installed on a sugarcane harvesting machine
Guchen Ecooler rooftop mounted air conditioners include Ecooler 2400 and Ecooler 3200, their cooling capacity is 2400W and 3200W respectively. Both are integrated (one-piece) rooftop mounted, DC powered 12 volt or 24 volt, R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant. It usually applies on:
▲ All kinds of truck cabins
▲ Mining trucks
▲ Construction machinery, such as excavators
▲ RV, vans, minibus  
▲ Agricultural machineries, tractors 

The Ecooler series battery powered air conditioner units designed by Guchen Industry and this rooftop mounted air conditioner have more reliable working performance which is more suitable for those who want to reduce more fuel consumption and focus on ecofriendly conditions! According to the testing and calculating data by our technician, this Ecooler 12 volt air conditioner for semi-trucks can save 3000 gallon fuel per year. 
Also some countries enact the law that when the truck stops, and its engine must be off. While this electric truck cabin air conditioner can realize that truck engine is off but cooling continues! And for long-distance and long-time driven, people can choose sleep on the truck, so this air conditioner for tractors can help save a lot money and give drivers a comfortable condition at relaxing time. 
ecooler 2400 air conditioner
PHOTO: Guchen Ecooler 2400 Electric Truck Cabin Air Conditioner  installed on a tractor 
Feedback: After installed this rooftop mounted air conditioner, our customer truly believe that this battery powered air conditioner units is easy to install and safe to operation. And after using this rooftop mounted air conditioner two weeks, its high performance leave great impression on him. Also Guchen salesman continuously inquiry about about the condition of this battery powered air conditioner units, the excellent service, cautious and conscientious working attitude let our client greatly satisfied with this order experience. And he determined to promote Guchen Industry and our products energetically in his local place! 
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