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Ecooler2400 12V Air Conditioner for John Deere Combine Harvester

Mar 09, 2021
With harvest well underway, combine harvester operators spend their whole day in the harvester cabin. A performance-tested 12V air conditioning system is a must for harvesting equipment to overcome harsh weather conditions. 
12v combine harvester air conditioning system
Guchen Ecooler2400 is a perfect solution for Combine Harvester without AC. It is a compact battery driven air conditioning system with 2400W cooling capacity, which is installed on combine harvester roofs.
In Jan. 2021, Ociel, one of Guchen’s customers, bought a Ecooler2400 for its John Deere combine harvester. Using Guchen Ecooler2400 unit, Ociel said he was able to get through his whole day’s work during the fall harvest season in the United States. With large cooling capacity, he also said the system allows him to stay comfortable with or without idling.

 ecooler2400 for john deere harvester

Top Picks of Guchen Ecooler2400 Truck Cab Air Conditioner

◆ It reduces fuel consumption, decreases emissions. Ecooler2400 system is a novel unit in saving on diesel.
◆ It is a high-efficiency 12V air conditioning system that keeps harvester operators/drivers cool during working time.
◆ It enables to cool down the farming equipment cab in seconds while the machine is on the road of off-the-engine.

 12v air conditioning system

Question & Answer
Q1: Is it a factory-direct sell product?
A1: yes, Ecooler2400 is specially designed by Guchen factory, to cool down a large variety of equipment such as farming equipment, construction equipment, long-haul truck cabin etc.
Q2: Can Ecooler2400 unit be installed on Van?
A2: yes, for RVs, vans, trucks, Guchen Ecooler2400 is a perfect solution. Find more products on 12V air conditioner for Van here.
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