2 Sets Ecooler3800A 220v RV Air Conditioner Shipped Abroad


Ecooler3800A 220v air conditioner for sale
In 28th, Feb., 2022, two Ecooler3800a air conditioning units were shipped abroad.

Our client were always seeking for quiet and low profile AC for his RVs. We recommended Ecooler3800A most, because it is with a low noise level and will definitely provide a comfortable and pleasant temperature. The electric compressor inside it adopts the latest inverter technology, operating quieter and consuming lower energy.

Ecooler3800A rv air conditioner export

Guchen Ecooler3800A 220 volt RV air conditioner delivers cool inside caravan, motorhome and other recreational vehicles. It is built with compact structure and efficient cooling for all users. Ecooler3800a is with twin functions - cooling & heating.

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