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3 Sets of 10KW Air Conditioners Mount on 11M City Bus

Mar 24, 2017
On March 24, 2017, Guchen's customer MR. Sharafudheen from Middle East, ordered 3 sets of DC-10E minibus air conditioner, and mount them into an 11 meter length bus.

DC-10E is one piece 12v or 24v DC powered electric air conditioner, cooling capacity is 10kw, usually it applies on the minibus, vans or RV, but here MR. Sharafudheen mount 3 sets of DC-10E on a 11 meter bus.

Mr. Sharafudheen is a very experienced expert in car repair, he offers cars after sales service to his customers. So he knows a lot about cars repair and is good at helping his customers to solve the cars installation and spare parts repair problems.

This time, Mr. Sharafudheen ordered 3 sets of Guchen DC-10E minibus air conditioner in order to help his customers to solve a big problem!

Guchen van minibus air conditioner 10KW

One day, MR. Sharafudheen's customer found him and wants to mount a bus air conditioner on his 11 meter city bus. But the problem is that his bus has no enough space to install the air channel.

In order to solve the problems, MR. Sharafudheen get a good idea under our sales person’s advice, he find our DC-10E air conditioner, and decided to mount 3 sets of DC-10E on the roof top of the bus, so in the inner side of bus, it will have 3 air outlet areas to blow cool air, that is a really good idea!

Here are some of feedback photos from Mr. Sharafudheen, who is a very experienced vehicle repair expert and he helps his customers to solve a lot of problems! 

Guchen van minibus air conditioner
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