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Sleeper Cab Air Conditioning Export to Australia

Nov 21, 2018

Ecooler 2400 truck sleeper air conditioning is battery powered rooftop mounted ac for truck cabin. We export Ecooler 2400 to Australia and get highly praised. Our Ecooler 2400 sleeper cab air conditioners are used for the MAN trucks, rooftop mounted, easy to install.

ecooler2400 sleeper cab air conditioner
Photo: Ecooler 2400 truck sleeper air conditioning install for man trucks

Distributors are Invited

Distributors make the international business convenient and fast, also bring the high quality products to the local customers. After thousands times of testing products and surveying marketing in Australia, Guchen Industry finally launch our Ecooler series sleeper cab air conditioners.

For now, 12v or 24v, 2400W and 3200W cooling capacity are available for choice. This sleeper cab air conditioners can be used for all kinds of trucks, and very easy to install. One of the best products for truck shop or truck repair after sales service center. We warmly welcome relative partners to join us be Guchen Distributors in local areas. More details please feel free to contact us!

truck sleeper cab air conditioner
Photo: Ecooler 2400 (left) and Ecooler 3200(right) sleeper cab air conditioners
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