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The Reason of Air conditioning not Refrigerating

Apr 23, 2018

I. Freon is not enough (commonly known as fluorine deficiency)

Most of the reasons for this lack of refrigeration are air conditioners that have been in use for three to four years. Most of them are also normal phenomena, which are caused by the normal consumption of air conditioning refrigerants for long periods of time. 
Guchen Industry is offering a specialized range of all-electrical bus air conditioning system (trolley air conditioner or tram air conditioning) for any type of all-electrical buses, hybrid buses, tramways, and trolleybuses. 


II. Power supply voltage is not enough

Air conditioning is not cool enough, but when we check several times it also found no problems. Maybe the power supply is unstable and not up to the normal voltage, especially during the peak power supply is prone to this phenomenon. We must solve the problem by providing a steady voltage.
The ES series bus air conditioners are roof top mounted all electric bus air conditioning system, designed for electrical bus, tram or trolley buses. The hermetic scroll compressor and control system are powered by vehicle electric or battery. 

III. The power of the air conditioner is not enough to be cooled

This is also one of the common reasons for uncooling (poor refrigeration), but there are a number of other reasons for this uncooling, such as a large area of rooms with small power air conditioning tubes.

IV. Exorbitant ambient temperature leads to air conditioning without refrigeration

This kind of non - refrigeration is common in our outdoor unit in the relatively closed space or the temperature of the outer machine is too high .

V. Air conditioning for long time without cleaning and maintenance

The outdoor machine after a long time of use will make a lot of adsorption above the radiator the dust and garbage dirt, the cooling effect of the radiator and the refrigeration air conditioning is bad.
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