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Transport Refrigeration Units Delivered to South America

Dec 28, 2016
guchen transport refrigeration units distributor visit us Last month, on November 30, 2016, we received our old friend, Mr. Jaime’s greetings for visiting us in December 1, 2016. Mr. Jaime and Guchen Industry have rebuilt a long-term and strong cooperation ship since 2014. 

And it was in this end of year 2016 that he began to visit Guchen Industry for a looking at truck refrigeration units, manufacture equipment and stock. 

Here let's see it! 

Customer Name: Mr. Jaime

Area: Bolivia, South America

Job: Transport refrigeration units distributor

Working experience: 35 year experience in transport refrigeration units field. 

Order Products: C-200 and C-300 truck chiller units; TR-350 truck freezer units and TR-550 truck freezer units

Transportation Mean: By Sea

Visiting Schedule: At 10 o’clock am, we pick Mr. Jaime up in airport and then drive to our transport refrigeration unit factory.

Next, we go to the meeting room to have a brief introduction to our products, and then enter into the factory to check up the production line working equipment, learn transport refrigeration units working principle with our technogist and see how the truck refrigeration units packed and delivered to truck.

After these, we have a delicious Chinese traditional meal in restaurant!

Feedbacks: After learning the TR-350 vehicle engine driven units and TS-1000 diesel engine driven units working principle, Mr. Jaime give a highly praise of Guchen Thermo truck refrigeration units. He commended that Guchen transport refrigeration units have cooling fast performance with highly cost effective.

Mr. Jaime said that it has a great market prospect for transport refrigeration units in South America. He will help us to promote our transport refrigeration units in his country and let more friends to know Guchen Industry’s great products.

tr-550 and tr-350 truck reefer unit
PHOTO: TR-350 and TR-550 truck freezer units 

Product Characteristics: C-200 and C-300 units are truck chiller units for 10m³-30m³ refrigerated truck body, and temperature range from -5℃ to +30℃. It is designed for transporting fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy product and so on.

TR-350 truck freezer units are very popular because of it can install most of trucks models with 15m³-25m³ truck bodies.

TR-550 truck refrigeration unit is a great choice for those whose trucks have a high head that no space to install the condenser. So Guchen TR-550 truck reefer units can let users mount condenser in front or under the truck chassis. Besides that, TR-550 truck refrigeration units can equip with standby system, which has a great convenience for those who need transport frozen cargoes all day long and when they need to sleep at night, they can turn on standby system to refrigerate cargoes.
TR-550 truck freezer units install structure
Tips: For more detailed install schematic diagram on front/under mounted condenser units, please look at Guchen TR-550 truck freezer units introduction. 

Please click this website ( for more Guchen Thermo transport refrigeration units latest news! 
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