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TR-550 Direct Engine Driven Units

  • Product Name: • Truck Refrigeration Unit TR-550
  • Driven Type: • Direct Engine Driven
  • Condenser Installation: • Front or Under Mounted
  • Controller: • Digital, in Cab
  • Application: • 20~30m³ truck body

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TR-550 Direct Drive Truck Reefer Unit Brief Introduction

High-quality and reliable TR-550 truck refrigeration units is the superb reefer cooling system. Perfect transport temperature control solution for your refrigerated truck, pickup truck.

Split structure of TR-550 reefer refrigeration unit, driven by the vehicle engine; with front mount condenser or under mount condenser, in case of the truck head is too high to leave enough space for the front mount condenser, TR-550 is uniquely equipped with an alternative under mounted condenser. This cooling unit is perfect for 5.1 meter refrigerated truck, Best transport temperature control at -18℃ or 0℃, with maximum cooling capacity for the frozen goods in cold chain transport box volume of 20~30m³.

Truck Refrigeration UnitTR-550

1. Unique Features of TR-550 Direct Drive Truck Reefer Unit for Sales

● High quality, stable & strong cooling performance.
● Key parts of truck reefer / refrigeration units using the world-known brands, ensuring the enduring high refrigerating effect.
● Multiple installation modes: the location of the condenser at the front or under mount available in a variety of mounting options, in order to ensure proper installation.
● Lightweight and nice appearance design
● Using independence refrigeration unit’s evaporator, easy to install, high efficient, large air flow and fast cooling.
● Long life service: Metal blade evaporator blower.
● Full protection and scientific design to cover the whole truck refrigeration (reefer) system. As following:
→ Compressor CPR regulator;
→ Expansion valve with MOP;
→ Gas-Liquid Separator to prevent the compressor from liquid hammering.
→ Liquid injection valve make truck reefer unit is very suit for high ambient temperature application;

evaporator of TR-550 refrigeration unit

2. Standard Features of TR-550 Reefer Cooling Unit -- Directly Driven
● R404a Eco-friendly refrigerant.
● Operation on 12/24V DC vehicles
● In truck cab microprocessor command, with electronic diagnostics
● Digital display:Temperature displayed in ℉or ℃;
                          Set-point & Return air temperature
                          Configuration parameters setting & Alarming
● Axial-flow evaporator blower and centrifugal condenser fans
● Inner grooved copper tube evaporator coils and under mount condenser coils;
● Micro-channel parallel flow condenser coils, lightweight design.
● Hot-gas defrost system with auto. or manual defrost temperature control system.
● Easy to maintain, including the auto-detecting system and dismantle structure.
● HP/LP protection device of the transport refrigeration units.
● Worldwide top-brands suppliers: Danfoss, Spal , Castel, QP, Codan, Remy, Bock...
● International certifications ISO9001/ISO14001/TS16949/CE/RoHs, etc.

high quality truck refrigeration unit

3. Main Structure of the TR-550 Reefer Refrigeration Unit
The truck refrigeration system is made up of condenser ( included front mount or under mount this two installations structure), evaporator, in-cab controller, engine driven compressor, hose pipes and wires.

Truck Refrigeration UnitTR-550Truck Refrigeration UnitTR-550

4. Option for Truck reefer unit: Heating System, Data Logger, Electric Standby.
Heating Function: Hot gas heating system. The function can be reached if to add a solenoid valve in the condenser unit to change the cooling system into heating.
   Heating Capacity
  15°C/0°C 3640W(12420BTU)

Electric Standby Function: If customers want to use the refrigeration unit when vehicle stops, then an electric standby unit will be pretty useful!
   The standby of Guchen TR-550 is composed of QP16 compressor, the electric motor, an AC-DC power transformer and the wires.
   Standby Capacity:

0℃/35℃ 4650W (15866BTU)
-18℃/35℃ 2300W (7848BTU)
Voltage AC380V/220V
Consumption 3000W
Dimensions & Weight 470×460×330mm (38kg)

Data logger: To keep memory or monitoring of the operation conditions and working data of the truck refrigeration (reefer) units. 

Truck Refrigeration UnitTR-550Truck Refrigeration UnitTR-550Truck Refrigeration UnitTR-550

5. TR-550 Direct Drive Truck Reefer Unit Applications

TR-550 truck reefer units is suit for medium-sized refrigerated truck with the refrigerated truck box more than 5.1 meter long, in order to transport frozen goods like fish, meat, ice cream, seafood, etc.

Truck reefer units mainly application for 20~30m³ cooling container volume, For road transport application, TR-550 refrigeration unit has 3000W cooling capacity when the temperature fall down -18°C , and the evaporator air flow is up to 2200m³/h.

If you are looking for a quality freezer units for 18~25m³ trucks, Guchen TR-450 Unit will be a better choice.

6. Spare Parts Family of TR-550 Truck Refrigeration UnitTruck Refrigeration UnitTR-550

As one of the top rated item of Guchen truck reefer / Refrigeration system, TR-550 freeze unit for truck is outstanding for it’s attractive appearance, scientific design, all round functions and sound spare parts family.

We have the key parts of Guchen refrigeration units all purchased from the world-known platform: Danfoss, Spal , Castel, QP, Codan, Remy, Bock, Perkins... These configurations are one of the factors that facilitate the good fame and quality of Guchen refrigeration units .




Temperature Range(In Container)

-18℃ ~ +30℃ (-0.4℉ ~ +86℉)

Cooling Capacity


5800W / 6745Kcal / 19800 BTU

-18℃( -0.4℉)

3000 W / 3489Kcal / 10240BTU










Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils


Centrifugal fans


1456×540×505 mm





Aluminum foils with internal ridge copper tube


Axial flow blowers

Air flow



1224×508×278 mm




DC12V / DC24V


R404a/ 3.8kg


Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)



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