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TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units

  • Product Name: • Direct Engine Driven TR-650
  • Driven Type: • Vehicle Engine Driven
  • Installation: • Front Mounted
  • Compressor: • QP21/210cc
  • Controller: • Digital, In Cab
  • Refrigerant: • R404a

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TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units Description vehicle refrigeration units
TR-650 vehicle refrigeration unit offers faster cooling down, quicker recovery, and enhanced fresh and frozen product protection even with frequent door openings, it is also called vehicle refrigeration system, which powered via the vehicle engine / direct engine driven or via the standby power (installed under the vehicle chassis), and its condenser front mounted, with superior reliability and precise temperature set-point control. 
Guchen offers the vehicle refrigeration units for sale as a part of their cold chain transport refrigeration fleet, including rooftop van refrigeration units, front-installing truck refrigeration units, electrical van refrigeration units, transport refrigeration units, and monoblock transport refrigeration units
Broad Application of TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units
1. TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Unit is a cooling system designed for controlling the transportation temperature of fresh or frozen goods in medium-sized trucks with the refrigerated body volume of 25~35m³.
2. TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units is an versatile refrigeration & freezing units for medical, agriculture, frozen food, fresh flower, dairy, catering and other industries who need a continued transport refrigeration solution
TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units Installation Drawing

TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units’ Condenser Installation Drawing     TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units’ Evaporator Installation Drawing
the condenser and evaporator installation drawing of TR-650 vehicle refrigeration units 
Remarkable Features of TR-650 Vehicle Refrigeration Units
★ Powerful cooling and freezing capacity
★ Exception reliability ensures the lowest overall operating cost.
★ Low maintenance
★ Robust structure extended the service life and obtained the maximum utilization 
★ Evaporator and condenser with single-piece construction for durability and lightweight
★ User-friendly interface, digital display to view current temperature in ℃ or ℉ and statue in vehicle cab 
★ Multi-function automatic controller with microprocessor control system that is incredibly easy to use.
★ Extra-flat evaporator with internally threaded cooper tube and micro-channel parallel flow condenser with high cooling performance.
★ Low engine and compressor RPM operation for reduce the fuel cost and offer exceptionally quiet operation.
★ Safety devices: LP/HP alarms protection device; thermal protection system.
★ Hot gas defrosting (Auto./Manual)
★ Eco-friendly R404a refrigerant.
★ Standby power was powered by AC 220V or AC 380V. 
★ Optional: heating system and standby power.
★ 12 mounts vehicle refrigeration units warranty
★ ISO9001/TS16949CE/QS9001/CE international certifications
High Reputation Vehicle Refrigeration Units Manufacturer
Through the decades of unremitting efforts, Guchen’s vehicle refrigeration unit have a high reputation both domestic and international customers, Our Vehicle Refrigeration Unit is available in a variety of sizes and configurations vehicle, perfect for mounted on the standard or nonstandard vans and trucks. Providing customized top loading and front-loading refrigeration units are available for transporting your medical, agriculture, frozen food, fresh flower, dairy, catering, or seafood. 



Temperature Range(In Container)

-18℃ ~ +30℃ / 0℉ ~ +86℉

Cooling Capacity


5800W / 6745Kcal/h / 18000BTU

-18℃/ 0℉

3000 / 3489Kcal/h / 9980BTU










Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils




1150×570×430 mm


60 kg



Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube




1530×649×230 mm


38 kg


DC12V / DC24V




Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)

Total Weight




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