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Guchen Thermo Truck Refrigeration Units Export to South Africa

Mar 21, 2018

Mr Jvlian is a transportation refrigeration unit engineer and dealer. He has bought an TR-650 truck refrigeration units kits from Guchen Thermo to transport drugs, and he was satisfied with the design, appearance and use of the TR-650 truck reefer units.

TR-650 freezer unit is designed for high temperature area and it has CPR valve and injection valve, it can protect compressor effectively and ensure the normal operation of the system at high ambient temperature, at the same time, TR-650 use ultra-thin evaporative cores. Equipped with 3 fans. TR-650 truck reefer units has small volume and large air volume.

tr-650 truck freezer unit
Solutions for customers:mounted to 8 m vehicle,temperature requirement 15 degrees.
Guchen Thermo is currently expanding the scope of business, we hope to find more partners to be our agents, welcome the people who work in the vehicle Refitting Factory, cold chain transportation company, frozen food factory, truck compartment factory to become our agents, and provide after-sales service such as maintenance and installation for local terminal customers., more detailed information, welcome them send mail to
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