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Export 20 sets of Van Chiller Units to Western Asia

Apr 11, 2017
In early February, the customer Mr.Steven, a transport refrigeration units distributor, bought 10 sets of Guchen Thermo C-100T and C-300T van chiller units respectively.

Mr.Steven has a quite rich cooperative experience with companies mainly engaged in truck and van refrigeration units.. Guchen Thermo’ specialized  technology, high-quality products greatly satisfied Mr.Steven .

Customer: Mr.Steven

Place: Western Asia

Work: Truck and Van Refrigeration Units Distributor

Purchase Product Model: C-100T Van Chiller Units, C-300T Van Chiller Units

Apply: Mr.Steven installs these refrigeration unit for van to transport fresh fruits and vegetables

Model 1: C-100T Van Cher Units

Model 2: C-300T Van Chiller Units

a picture of C-100T van refrigeration unit from our client

Quantity Ordered: 20 sets of Guchen Thermo Van Chiller Units

Transportation Way: by Air and by Sea

Product Features: Guchen Thermo C-100T van chiller unit and C-300T Van Chiller Units adopt split roof top-mounted installation way.With R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant, the temperature can range from -5℃ ~ +30℃.Customers can utilize Guchen Thermo chiller units for vans to transport fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, medical,flower,dairy products and seafood. C-200T van chiller units can used for refrigerated cargo vans with 2 -10 m³ van box and C-300T for 10 -18m³ van boxes.These characteristics can meet different requirements accordingly.

Feedbacks: Mr. Steven said that the C-100T and C-300T van fridge units are very suitable for his chiller vans. He installed C-100T on a small chiller vans with 10m³ van box, and C-300T model on a big chiller vans with 18m³van box. The big cooling capacity make his chiller vans temperature down fast, and Mr. Steven is very satisfied with this van fridge unit. Besides that, Mr. Steven highly praised Guchen Thermo’s professional  technology, serious attitude and excellent after-sales service, which give him a deep impression. It is this happy order experience that makes Mr. Steven want to cooperate with Guchen Thermo in the future and promote Guchen Thermo’s van fridge units in his local area.

The good feedback from our clients again and again is a great encouragement and affirmation of the work we did. With this trust, can we gain a stronger foothold in this field.

Guchen Thermo will promise: Give us trust, and return you cool!
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