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Selecting an Air Conditioner for Your Van

Cooling capacity, driven type, voltage and power are all essential factors to take into consideration when determining the correct air conditioner for your van applications.
Air conditioner selection and integration for van applications has always been a hot topic in auto industry. The topic has a super high level of enthusiasm by the van drivers. It’s clear that there is an increasing demand for van air conditioner, especially for the 12V 24V van AC units in the highway segment and specifically for commercial vans.
As demand for van air conditioner grow, Guchen Industry has found that many people reach the conclusion they need an air conditioner for their van, but do not know how to choose the right one. There is a lot to consider when selecting and integrating a van air conditioner, such as the voltage, driven type, power and cooling performance.
van air conditioner

If your van air conditioner is too large, it will quickly reach the set temperature and cycle frequently (short cycling issues). The issue can have a major impact on compressor life (components on an oversize van AC are more likely to fail sooner than those on a properly sized van air conditioner) and most importantly, on your van’s long-term climate comfort. Having too much cooling capacity can also result in higher energy consumption n the long run.
If your van AC model has insufficient cooling capacity, it will lead to excessively internal temperature during hot weather.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly match your van applications with a suitable HVAC system.

Cooling Capacity and Performance

Cooling capacity is a good place to start when considering the characteristics of van air conditioners.

Cooling capacity

Engine direct driven air conditioner: 5kw-12kw
12V 24V dc air conditioner for van: 10kw
You want to keep an energy-efficient van air conditioner whose overall size and cooling capacity   closely match to your van compartment’s size and climate control needs, otherwise it’s a waste of money and energy.
rooftop van air conditioner

Here comes the recommendation. All customers can select your best air conditioner in accordance with the following parameters.
Model Cooling Capacity Application Van Length
GC-04 5.2kw Small Van <5m
GC-8C 12kw Large Van 5-6.5m
GC-10E 10kw Medium to Large van 5-6m
DC-10E 10kw Long Nose Van >5m, for 12 seater van
A larger air conditioner may be needed for long vans with larger compartment.
For a more detailed assessment of the suitable mode you van required, please consult our professional sales team:

Driven Type

According to its driven type, van air conditioners can be classified into DC powered van air conditioner and engine direct driven one.
DC-10E rooftop van air conditioner

Guchen DC-10E model, a 12V/24V rooftop van air conditioner

If you would like to get a 12V DC air conditioner for your van conversion, Guchen DC-10E will be the most recommended model this year. An electric scroll compressor is used in DC-10E unit. The scroll design of its compressor makes for a much quieter and smoother ride.
It can perfectly match the following climate control requirements:
◆ “I have a step van in need of 12 volt system. Want to install a top ac unit in my stepside van want to run it off a Generator”
◆“I’m interested in purchasing a single air conditioning unit for a Ford Transit that I’m converting to a camper van”
◆ “Looking for ac units in our long nose van builds”
◆ “I want roof ac for my van could you please let me details about this product and how is it work”
◆ “We are ac installation and repair centre. where i can buy caravan roof top ac units?”
◆ “I need a 12V parking AC for my Mercedes sprinter van. How can I get one?”
◆ “My a/c in my 2001 GMC Safari is not working and I am considering changing to a roof top unit that only requires 12 volt power to cool my cab and was wondering what they cost.”
◆ “Have clients waiting for van installation. Just want the price on a new 12volt roof unit thats white in color. Please recommend the
best 12V AC system
DC-10E has higher efficiency, cooling performance and COP. It is a reliable 12V 24V rooftop van air conditioner that all buyers could select without any hesitation.
GC-04 van AC units
GC-04 Van Air Conditioner

GC-04, GC-8C, GC-10E model, engine direct driven rooftop van air conditioners

The driven type of the GC series model is vehicle engine direct driven. They are conventional van air conditioners with great cooling performance.
The engine direct driven van air conditioners are a combination of evaporator and condenser arranged on the roof of the van. This type of van air conditioner has the following characteristics:
◆ the installation position of the rooftop unit can be adjusted to make the vehicle obtain a more reasonable axle load distribution;
◆ the air supply pipe is short, therefore the flow loss along the way is small, and the cold air distribution in the van is relatively uniform;
◆ It has long refrigeration pipe which have to pass through the van body when installed. To some extent, it increases the installation difficulty. Therefore, engine direct driven van air conditioners are not recommended to buy for personal use (without professional guide and knowledge, it will be very complicated to finish the installation work).
But for vehicle body makers or van AC service companies, the vehicle engine direct driven rooftop air conditioner is best recommended because of its stable cooling efficiency, long service life and perfect cooling effects.
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3. GC-10E Van AC
GC-8C van air conditioning unit
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