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TR-560 Direct Engine Driven Units

  • Product Name: • One-Piece Unit TR-560
  • Driven Type: • Vehicle Engine Driven
  • Installation: • Front Mounted
  • Compressor: • QP21/210cc
  • Controller: • Digital, In Cab
  • Refrigerant: • R404a

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1. TR-560 Truck Refrigeration Units Introduction 

With one piece structure, TR-560 truck refrigeration units applies in 22m³refrigerated truck box, increasing loading capacity mostly. Container temperature ranging from -20℃ to +30℃ meet different demands of cold chain transport. With 2.5 Kg R404a refrigerant, mostly saving cost for customers. 

TR-560 Truck refrigeration units

PHOTO: TR-560 truck refrigeration units 
installation in truck (left) and in our factory (right)


2. TR-560 Truck Refrigeration Units Advantages

√ 0ne-Piece Structure: Saving Inner Box Space 
TR-560 truck refrigerated units use one-piece structure; the condenser and evaporator are integrated into one piece, saving inner box space with max, decreasing the transport cost. What’s more, few tube connections, better leak-proofness, save refrigerant. 
*This one-piece structure units are more suitable for Meat Hook refrigerated Truck Body, because it can load more meat without affecting evaporator. 
*Our TR-460 truck refrigeration units are also one-piece structure, suitable for medium-sized truck bodies with 15-25 m³. 
√ Vehicle Engine Drive: Easy Installation and Lower Error Rate 
TR-560 refrigerated units for trucks are using engine driven, so it is easy to installation, lower error rate, and saving cost, stable and reliable performance. 

TR-560 engine driven truck reefer units

PHOTO: engine driven truck refrigeration units

√ Adding Compressor CPR Valve: Protecting Compressor
TR-560 truck reefer units add CPR valve, make the temperature down steadily, stable system, so protect compressor from explosion, increasing compressor lifespan.  


PHOTO: TR-560 truck refrigeration unit CPR valve 
√ Parallel Flow in Condenser and Heat Exchanger in Evaporator: Heat Exchange Increasing 
In condenser, TR-560 truck refrigerated units use aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils, compared with traditional tube-fin heat exchanger, parallel flow has advantage in higher heat exchange, fewer refrigerant, lighter weight and compact structure. 
What’s more, adding aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube and heat exchanger in evaporator increase the 30% and 20% heat exchange rate respectively. 


PHOTO: truck refrigeration units parallel flow in condenser

3. TR-560 Truck Refrigeration Units Optional Systems 

√ Hot Gas Heating System

In the cold winter, especially the outdoor temperature is under -20℃, using gas heating system melt defrost in the evaporator, increasing freezing effect and makes your truck refrigerated trucks freeze well.  
√  Electric Standby 
With the electric standby system, the temperature keeps down in refrigerated truck box when truck is off work, which saving the fuels and offering convenience for drivers. 

4. Why Choosing Guchen as Truck Refrigeration Units Suppliers?

√ Guchen with specialized export experience, offer customers a all-round service. 

√ Quickly delivery time, only needs 2-3 weeks. 

√ Two-year guarantee period 

√ International well-known inner spare parts, such as BITZER, Valeo, Bock, Danfoss etc..


5.TR-560 Truck Refrigeration Units More Pictures 

TR-560 Truck refrigeration units in truck

PHOTO: TR-560 Truck refrigeration units in trucks



Temperature Range(In Container)

-18℃ ~ +30℃ / 0℉ ~ +86℉

Cooling Capacity


5296W / 6159Kcal/h / 17984BTU

-18℃/ 0℉

2925w / 3402cal/h / 9934BTU









Aluminum micro-channel parallel flow coils



1610×650×685 mm




Aluminum foil with internal ridge copper tube



1290×495 mm



DC12V / DC24V




Hot gas defrosting(Auto./Manual)

Total Weight



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