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2B 180 Electromagnetic Clutches for BOCK FKX40/Bitzer 4N/4P Compressor

BK 2B 180
Rated Voltage:
Max Speed:
4000 r.p.m
Application compressor:
Bock FK4/Bitzer 4N
Consumer Power:

Description of Clutch BK 2B 180

Bus air conditioning electromagnetic clutch is a power transmit device, which is used to connect automobile engine and air conditioning compressor. It is a typical mechatronics product. BK 2B 180 is our hot sale product, it has been exported to middle East, southeast Asia, Africa, etc.

Wide Using Scope of Clutch BK 2B 180
BK 2B 180 is specially designed for BOCK FKX40 or Bitzer 4N/4P compressor. If your bus air conditioning compressor is BOCK FKX40 or Bitzer 4N/4P, BK 2B 180 is your best choice, we can also recommend BK 2A2B 260/220, BK 2B 200, BK 2A2B 235/210 to you. 

Outstanding Advantages of Clutch BK 2B 180

With a team of engineers having over many years of experience, our products’ quality are reliable. Our products are easy to use.
All the clutches need to pass strictly quality checking. Our clutch can save fuel consumption and increase compressor life
Beautiful appearance and design.

Technical Data of BK 2B 180 Electromagnetic Clutches

Model Number BK 2B 180
Rated Voltage 24v
Static friction torque ≥ 240N.m
Consumed Power ≤ 60W
Max speed 4000r.p.m
Application comp. BOCK FK4/BITZER 4N

Electromagnetic Clutch BK 2B 180

Failure Analysis
Pulley bearing's working environment is very important, not only need to withstand the cold and heat, but also the continuous speed and short time revolve at high speed, so the bearing fault is multiple, bearing early faults generally characterized by less crowded. That is ball bearing, inside and outside rollaway nest generate abrasion, radial direction andaxial play increase, inner ring and diameter of axle occurs trace amounts of slip. Inner ring and diameter of axle occurs trace amounts of slip, etc. When heat is transfered to the solenoid coil, it may lead to a decline in coil electromagnetic suction force, friction plate skid, etc. Sliding friction's heat may add to the ablation of coil and bearing's damage. Pulley bearing’s fault is shown by: roating has clamping stagnation, axial direction and radial direction has channeling dynamic displacement. Belt wheel is not smooth and accompanied by noise during operation. 
Elimination of Disturbances
Change bearings, guarantee the bearing and shaft neck with precision. Ensure the bearing and shaft neck is accurated, rotation is high accuracy, running is steady and smoothly without noise.
Maintenance & Repair
As professional clutch manufacture and sales company, we can supply you 2-year quality assurance.
BK 2B 180 drawing
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