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TK 2A2B 226*197 electromagnetic clutch
Thermo King X430 compressor clutch

2A2B 226*197 Electromagnetic Clutches for Thermoking X430 Compressor

Rated Voltage:
Max Speed:
4000 r.p.m
Application compressor:
Thermo King X430 compressor
Consumer Power:

Description of TK 2A2B 226*197 Electromagnetic Clutch

Bus is widely used in our daily life, air conditioning compressor is used on bus, which length is more than 8m, electromagnetic clutch is a kind of power transmit device that used to connect bus engine and air conditioning compressor. Used for driving the bus air conditioning compressor's operation, thus drive Thermoking air conditioning and reach for the purpose of lowering the buses' temperature. 
Application of Clutch TK 2A2B 226*197
If your bus air conditioning's compressor is Thermo King X430, TK 2A2B 226*197 is your best choice. It is specially designed for Thermo King X430 compressor.
Meanwhile, you can also choose TK 2A2B 226*204 model. Both of them are compitable with Thermo King X430 compressor. 

Outstanding Advantages of Clutch TK 2A2B 226*197

High Quality with reasonable price. Uninque and beautiful design.
All the clutches need to pass strict quality checking before shipping out. Easy to use and reliable.
Complied with ISO9001 international standard. Compact structure.

Specifications of TK 2A2B 226*197 Electromagnetic Clutch

Model Number TK 2A2B 226X197
Rated Voltage 24v
Static friction torque ≥240N.m
Consumed Power ≤60W
Max speed 4000r.p.m
Application comp. THERMO KING X430

TK 2A2B 226*197 Electromagnetic Clutches for Thermo King X430 Compressor

Operation Caution (Transmission Pulley Relaxation)
Since driving load of bus air conditioning compressor is big, belt and pulley's initial stage running-in and cord creep elongation and other factors, tension will be reduced after belt is running a period of time. When slack lead to belt's drive is under air condition compressor's load. Belt began to skid and jitter and appear abnormal noise. Not only pollute the environment, but also appears a potential breakdown. The belt tension generally gives a load perpendiculars to the belt by belt and two pulleys' trimming midpoint. Make it produce deflection to control. Simple detection method is to use dual fingers to pull down the middle of the belt(Pressure is about 98N). Driving belt's downward displacement between 9 mm and 12 mm is better. Otherwise need to adjust the belt tension or replacing belt. Belt should run at full capacity for 5 minutes after changing belt and then check tension. If it is beyond the scope of tension, have to adjust to the specified value. 
TK 2A2B 226*197 Electromagnetic Clutches Drawing
Attached TK 2A2B 226*197 Electromagnetic Clutches Drawing Picture
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